Facial wrinkles

Hey guys,

Two years ago i got fucked by keto, minix, sp. One of first sides was under eye fat loss. I started getting wrinkles on daily basis. Last 2 months was worse than ever. My whole face lost all elasticity. If i sleep on side of my face i end up with permanent wrinkles. I’m 28 and i look like im 40… tons of wrinkles everywhere. Is there any safe treatment for this? What should i do? I’m starting LDN today, hoping to get better. Wrinkles are for me worst side effect, worse than no libido and ED.

Try a silk pillow case overnight creases won’t appear when using one of these. I’ve also had fillers but they only help to a degree. My gaunt look has gone but I look wierd since I lost collagen, subcontaneous fat, the reduced jjaw liine and neck girth. Got to hope it plateaus!

I ordered silk pillow case. I wish i started with them year ago. Sleeping wrinkles are my worst issue. If i sleep on side, wrinkles i got end up being permanent. My smiling wrinkles got way worse as well. I’m aging 10 years per one year lol. Ill go for fillers, they are cheap where i live, but thats just sad i have to do them at age of 28

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Same here it’s unbelievable. I looked 10 years younger than my age 4 years ago now I look a decade older. Are your gums ok, have you developed hooded eye?

Yea they are fine so far. Most guys have no issue with wrinkles. Not sure whats mechsnism behind it? Low t ? T -E ratio disbalance? Forgot to mention. I tried retinol for 6 months, zero improvements. I lost half of eyebrows due to it lol…

I’ve lost my brows too. I think you might find you’ve become sensitive to collagen and have androgen deprivation. My ageing hit 4 years ago Id already had developing Pfs for 16 years. Nothing is safe from this shit. I did try collagen and I looked great I started to react to it when my gut health and food sensitivies landed.

No idea. I started low dose naltrexone. If it doesnt help. Ill try clomid. My T is really low as well as LH and FSH. But i feel this is also gut or immune issue. Since crush i have throat and dick inflammation. Did tests, tried tons of creams and nothing… my tongue is white as well, did test and i have no bacteria or fungus…

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Yeh I think the autoimmune system is at play too. Good look with the clomid! I hope things improve for you.

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Do it!

Did anyone of you try hydrolyzed collagen? Seems to have a good effect on skin quality and some benefit on joints, esp with people who have joint issued like arthritis.

Nope, i heard bad things on forum about collagen so i kinda don’t want to try it out.