facial changes recovery

Hy guys, i’m an italian boy, sorry for my English. I want understand if someone has ricovered from the facial chenges of finasteride (bone density loss, sub cutaneus fat loss, dark circle around the eyes,ecc)…thanks for the answer

I am pretty sure that’s a no.

Why not ?i think bone density loss was caused by estrogen, if you use an ai for long time you can achieve the bone density of pre fin…maybe only the facial fat loss and the callagen loss can’t be reversed, but to achieve facial and collagen fat you can have a surgery

How do you know if your new collagens will dissaper again after surgery? Unless you fix the real problem, your fat tissue may not be feeded by your own body imo.

Isn’t necessary the alimentation of your body of your subcutaneus fat…but i’m really concerned with the bone loss density, with taking an antiestrogen like aromasin for few monhts you can reverse it ?

Why ask the question of you already have the answer your willing to accept. If your worried about your face then you must be in pretty good shape in all the other areas of PFS. Good luck.

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facial changes are very fucked up symptom. i have them. they are one of the worst.

the only guy i found to have recovered from facial changes is cdnuts. if you read his thread.


but im still positive this can be reversed aswelll. penile shrinkage/tissue loss is reversible tooo. studies have proven this. so facial bone loss might aswell. bone growth is definetly possible.

Nonta i wrote you a private message, why disn’t you responde me ? Have gou recovered from the bone loss density ? I have an idea to recover from this shit

Many people here have this problem. One guy. Cdnuts, yea right! so your looking at really shit odds.

really he recovered from facial changes? how? by following his protocol? is there a post about it?

Read this Unanswered questions about facial changes

How much of PFS sufferers have this bone loss on their faces? Is it really a common thing or only happens with severe cases? Anyone noticed any changes on their jawline and jaw’s before?

I wonder it too. Anyone recovered this side? Just wondering im not sure i have this.

One year later and mine face is getting way worse. I’m talking about fat loss under my eyes and around mouth. I have tons of sleeping wrinkles, which i don’t see on other people, especially not 28 y/o people…