Facial and body hair loss


Since crashing a few months ago, I’ve noticed that I lose a tremendous amount of body hair. I can easily pull out 5 chest hairs sometimes without even grasping hard. Pubic and scrotal hair also pull out easily.

I haven’t noticed it with arm and leg hair, but the hair is thinner and shorter there and that could be why.

I have also lost a lot of facial hair. I used to have a thick beard and I took photos to compare last night and I can’t even grow a proper beard anymore. The formerly strong hairs on the cheeks grow in much finer (smaller diameter) and the formerly weak hairs don’t grow at all.

The hairs on the goatee and neck haven’t changed as much though.

My question is: Has anyone had this happen and how has exogenous androgens affected it? Or has anything affected it? Did it get better on its own?

I’m especially curious about guys who have taken andractim/masteron since, if androgen signaling is working properly, you would expect it to have a big impact on hair growth. But, since DHT can’t enter the CNS, you wouldn’t expect it to help with libido and neurological symptoms.




My doctor had prescribed Finasteride with the intention to stop body hair growth.



For me, this got better over time. As did every symptom. Still not cured (fatigue and sleep issues are still not fun to deal with)… but things I thought were incurable… facial hair loss, shrinkage, etc… improved a lot for me after a couple of years.



do you have recovery with your beard?