Eyebrows loss with PFS. Why?

Hello Suffermates,

I have to complain about my continious loss of eyebrows since I got PFS over a year ago. They seem to become more sparse, and therefore colorless and ridiculous. At the same time I have worsened androgenic alopecia on scalp hair and strong beard growth.

Please comment here if this happens to you as well, and let me know if you have found out why we have eyebrow thinning with PFS

For me, it was due to high Reverse T3, causing hypo-thyroid. Had to improve my adrenal health and take T3 to clear the RT3. I continue to take T3 now.


Mine definitely would have hairs falling out in bunches. They’ve definitely thinned and a buddy of mine who I knew took Fin has basically unnoticeable eyebrows

My eyebrows along with the rest of my body hair thinned after Accutane.


Same but Fin for me
The question is tho, why?

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Thx @moonman1! Was your RT3 out of range or upper high only?

Jesus! What makes this? Could be that eyebrows are DHT induced?

All of these years I have been thinking Vitamin A, while the ones that took Fin are probably thinking hormones.
There could be an overlap with Finasteride and Retinoids, Ive posted a few studies that could back up this notion. Anti-androgens could have an effect on retinoic acid metabolism.

Strong beard growth is a good sign for pfs recovery I think …


Same happened to me.As i told you…loosing bodyhair, eyebrownes and all my hair on sides and back.Also loosing some hair on my legs


P.s.: i definately improved somewhat since crash

yours is more severe it seems, cause I dont have body hair or beard hair loss,
my scalp hair loss now is also limited to temples and crown

Could you send me a picture from your sides and back?


Different kind of hair, but still pretty interesting.

Retinoic Acid Signaling Mediates Hair Cell Regeneration by Repressing p27 kip and sox2 in Supporting Cells

The retinoic acid (RA) pathway was found to have dramatic regenerative potential in amputated amphibian limbs (Niazi and Saxena, 1978; Maden, 1982; Gudas, 2012) and other organs, such as the heart, spinal cord sensory neurons, lung, and lens (Tsonis et al., 2000; Wong et al., 2006; Stinchcombe and Maden, 2008; Kikuchi et al., 2011).

“Our results demonstrate that RA signaling is a critical trigger of the molecular cascade necessary for hair cell regeneration.”

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Is it as bad as mine?