Eye pain and sight

Hi guys,
I’ve had the red dry eyes for a long time but more recently 'the last year" I’ve started getting severe pain in my left eye. The vision has also deteriated rapidly. The pain is worse when I look to the side. Generally this is accompanied by stabbing pains in the left frontal cortex of my brain. On researching, it appears one or two others have had this but their threads haven’t been updated as to how they are now. Has anyone else had this and has it settled down. It seems to be at its worst when my dht is lowered when other symptoms also hit a high. I’m left handed, others complained of it troubling their right eye and I was wondering if our dominant side gets hit the worst. My loss of facial collagen is worst on the left side too. I’m at my cancer screening this afternoon where I intend to raise the issue along with the increasing back pains. A brain and back scan wouldn’t go a miss. Any thoughts on this issue would be appreciated.

I’m sorry to see that you didn’t get a reply here mate.

I’m not sure if People experience problems based on their handed-ness but it does work that way with me. No idea if connected.

I assume that you’ve discussed this with your doctor, do you have light sensitivity? Does lowering lowering the light level help with these sensations?

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Thanks for replying Greek, I get light sensitivity too but reducing it doesnt make a difference. Doctor doesn’t want to know as per. Ive been looking into it further and it could be a result of low platelets. I bruise and bleed easily, stopped healing. Can’t eat any b12 rich foods due to sensitivuty / receptor issues. Pooling of blood in one eye and headaches are a sign of very low platelets. It fits. I’m due a call with my rheumatologist tommorow when I’ll ask about my platelets. PFS may not kill people but it certainly leads to life threatening conditions in those who get worse. I’ll update cheers mate

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I experienced a (stinging) pain sensation in my left eye, it was only for a day or so.
It did had me worried, but luckily its gone without any intervention.

Do you wear contacts by any chance?

@Casual good that yours went! no mate no glasses or lenses.

Have you went and got an MRI of your brain?

@Wintermoon I had one 5 years ago. I’m going to push for another one

I’ve had dry/ stinging redness in the inside corner of my left eye for four years now.

Saw an opthamologist about it but he quickly called it episcleritis.

Seemed like a reasonable explanation, but this was before I sopped fin and developed PFS.


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On top of this I’m now getting a green stain in my sight an example of this, was yesterday when I was looking at large blue print on a t shirt and when I looked away the view of the print carried into the next thing I was looking at “the road” and the print turned green and was running like wet paint down my line of vision. I woke up at 1am this morning to a blinding headache and everything was green and distorted. That has since passed but the headache remains. When out walking yesterday my co ordination was off like I was drunk and I had to concentrate to keep my line correct. WTF this sounds like brain damage or something. Anyone get this? I think I’ve seen others mention colour blindness. I’m seeing my rheum Proff on Thurs when I’ll raise it along with much more I’m going to see if he’ll try me on an additional autoimmune drug to see if it brings any restbite