Extremely weird problem πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“

So I’m extremely distraught over this
Hopefully someone can help with some insight or something. I’ll try to be as concise as possible.

So I’m February 2017 (roughly) I experienced the first crash that I remember which involved waking up at 2am with my tinnitus (that was in both ears at a medium volume) to completely in my left ear at SCREAMING volume. I woke up in a panic and collapsed in the floor from the sudden shock and fear of possibly having to live forced wit this.

Along with the screaming tinnitus, the urge to urinate every 15 minutes for I’d say 36-48 hours. It was the weirdest thing I couldn’t stop peeing. Sometimes 6 times an hour!!! Even if I didn’t actually have to pee the urge was STRONG.
After 2 days it subsided and I got back to normal.

Now…fast forward to Jan β€˜20 after I experienced a crash just as bad if not worse but in a different way where basically my body shutdown in all its functionality. Scariest shit ever except for the last crash. BUT WITH IT the urge to urinate is all but gone…

I’ve experienced strong feeling to urinate so badly and now to almost zero and this is distressing to the point where I honestly don’t know how I will live the rest of my life.

Currently, I do not feel when my erection is even hard…it can get hard…but feeling it from the inside is gone at the moment. WTF

Please help…nerves? Brain damage? Both?
Jesus God in Heaven :sweat::sweat::sweat:

This thing is so screwed up I’m having extremes on both sides


Do you know what caused your second crash and what are your symptoms/sides has anything improved since jan 20, are you talking 14 months ago?

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Yes last January β€˜20
The second crash was definitely brought on by excessive masturbation that day.
The last session I did was right before I went to sleep. I woke up and my head was all fucked up.

Like it was hollow. Felt like what I think a concussion felt like.
My vision was blurry as hell
Brain fog
I couldn’t sleep at all and whatever sleep I could muster felt like I blinked and opened my eyes. No rest at all.

Going to the bathroom both ways literally shutdown.
Constipated for weeks and barely peed.

No emotion almost completely.
Memory was shot.
Hands were hard to close. Pins and needles.

It took a month to start to feel normal again.
By 2-3 months I was back to being 90-95% myself.
By summer I was ok but there was still some residual damage but comparatively I was back to normal. That crash was THE WORST thing ever.

During the summer I should not I was able to have sex with a few women and that was a huge marker of knowing I was back to somewhat normal self again.

Thanksgiving β€˜20 I took the tiniest bit of an edible and I think that made me worse. I’m beyond kicking myself. I was just trying to relax and unwind.
I definitely feel a bit more of a disconnect between the brain and dish there.

But this complete lack of urgency to pee AND no outer or inner sensation down the top of the shaft where the dorsal nerve is is virtually gone. Dear God

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Havent got a clue mate, seems you know your triggers so avoid them. Was fin the original cause? Have u seen an urologist?

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Yes a few years ago I saw 2 urologist

They told me the usual and threw cialis at me

Saw Jacobs sand you all can probably figure out what happened there
And another doctor who acknowledged it here in Brooklyn but he had no idea what to tell me other than stay away from alcohol Thanks a lot guy pfff.

Are there any doctors currently who the community has come to know that understands this better?

I’m gonna keep up on this thread because I’m truly Distraught and unfortunately need to ask for all the help or knowledge I could get on this
Dealing with this shit is only getting more and more difficult

What other sides have you got?

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My main problem is penile sensitivity. On the inside and outside.

My body hairs is falling out virtually all over my body. I used to have really, really hairy legs. It’s at least 60% gone.
Orgasim is eh. Libido is so-so. I function but obviously nowhere near what I used to be as of course we all are.

But the main problem is what I mentioned before
And the lack of urgency to pee

I feel like I could drink a gallon over an hour and still would feel very little in the way of having pee

I also think either my dorsal nerve is completely shot OR the signaling to it is fucked

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