Extreme Sensitivity to Stimuli


I have PSSD, but the symptom overlap with PFS is nearly uncanny. While I believe the etiologies of PFS and PSSD may differ, it seems the common denominator is that androgen receptors (and estrogen receptors, most likely) are not signaling and expressing correctly.

After a few crashes, my symptoms became significantly worse. The current list, summarized:

  • Sexual issues (dead libido, ED)
  • physical issues (testicular shrinkage, reduced pubic hair, potentially reduced muscle mass, reduced sweat, reduced body odor, dry skin, dry eyes, painful eyes)
  • emotional issues (numb, anhedonia, not capable of affection or love).
  • Extreme CNS dysfunction (CRAZY physical responses to stimuli)

I mostly visit the PSSDforum, and I don’t see this last issue – CNS dysfunction / strong physiological responses to light and sound – often. I’ve used the search function here and found a few cases who suffer from it. Currently, this is probably my largest issue. While my cognition has remained mostly intact – at least to my knowledge – this symptom is a major hinderance to any normal life I attempt to carve out.

I’ve lost jobs from the stimulation. I’ve nearly dropped out of graduate school from the stimulation. I really need to fix it. I haven’t really seen any targeted treatment options on here (per my search). Has anyone had success in dealing with such issues, and if so, how?

What causes it:

  • Just about any stressful situation (weird that I have almost no physiological response to “anxiety” but my stress threshold is non-existent.)
  • Bright lights (especially artificial lights. Unfortunately I can’t avoid computers and phone as I am currently in school, as previously mentioned).
  • Sound
  • Conversations with people

These symptoms of overstimulation are so severe that prolonged stimuli almost results in stroke-like symptoms, where I feel immense pressure in my head, my heart rate goes through the roof, I lose all train of thought/can’t focus, and feel like I am about to have a seizure.

The only way to tone it down when this occurs is to drink heavily and/or lie in a dark room with no sound for a prolonged period of time. Sleep sometimes “resets” it.

When I first developed PSSD, I didn’t realize this was a hormonal symptom but rather some strange form of panic/anxiety. I started benzos again, which I now regret immensely. I’m on about 40mg/day and it doesn’t hardly make a dent in these issues.

Again, I know there is no cure for PSSD/PFS, but if anyone has ANY luck finding relief from these hellish overstimulation issues / low stress threshold, please do tell.



A PFS patient I know very well has been suffering with similar symptoms to a severe degree after a second crash and has become bedridden as a result. Really worried about him and hope you aren’t constantly dealing with this.

I can’t make any recommendations for treatment, but if he finds something that works for him, I’ll try to remember to let it be known.

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