EXTREME Brain Fog Lifted

So on Sunday night I was hopeless, I took (8) 1mg(= (16) .5mg) clonazepam’s, for the hope that maybe if I put my self in a deep sleep it would help my brain heal, well, long story short, I instantly passed out after 30 minutes, woke up and felt like a new human being, i felt closer to being normal than having PFS, it is fucking crazy, I’ve taken multiple benzo’s without any significant positive effect, and much stronger ones than clonazepam, but for some reason, overdosing on klonopin made me feel amazing, and still feel great 3 days later, feel I have a bit of amnesia, but that 24/7 feeling, that “brain damage” feeling that I could never get passed, and that 24/7 slow motion lagging vision, that complete cognitive shift, ALL felt like it lifted to 70-80% better.

Now the amnesia has passed and feel great compared to prior clonazepam, STILL, almost 4 days later

This my friends is a miracle, as I never thought I would be able to feel anywhere near normal again, but I have achieved it.

I am NOT advocating overdosing on klonopin, and would not recommend unless you know your body

I REALLY don’t want anyone to get hurt, from this, I’m just letting you guys know my experience

And if you do decide to(on your own terms) NEVER EVER mix with any other downer such as alcohol, or pain meds, or anything really


Went back to baseline, but now I know that I can feel somewhat better and that this dosent have to be constant


How are you now? Any updates? I am experiencing the same problem. I feel I have dementia. At its worst it’s like being trapped in a nightmare.

myself and a few other users on here have personally reached out to Grey_baron. From what I understand, he basically ghosted from all the forums he was posting on…

I text with Grey Baron from time to time. He’s still suffering terribly. No real change for him.

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Seriously? man, how many years has it been? Were his issues all cognitive or did he have physical issues also? Is he at least doing well in taking care of himself, working, etc?

Man me and @Mcbbould have always wanted to talk to him…

can you text him and ask him to fill out the survey? would really appreciate his contribution as well as yours.


Yes, if you could get him on board with taking the survey that would be really cool.

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This is sad :frowning: @Dknighten and I know a few people who have recovered from the extreme brain fog through super strict diet/working out/time, so there is hope.

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@johnnyfin have you heard something from @Grey_baron

Nothing in over a year. I hope he’s not gone. He hasn’t responded to any messages or calls. Last I had heard he was with Mayo because he was having severe heart issues and his ejection fraction was very low. He was on a bunch of medicines. I wish he would respond.

Was this due to PFS? Obviously impossible to tell for sure.

It’s one of the sides I’m most scared of (cardiovascular ones), especially since Baylor published.

I really hope he’s okay.

He is such a handsome young boy, a real lady’s man and than a criminal minded army doctor treated his prostate with finasteride. An 21 yo boy treating with finasteride. He never had hairloss problems. So most of the other Fin user asked their doctor for description. Most of them were not informed about the long term side effects. But he was set under the drug for prostate 30 years to early. I think doctor lives a wonderful life, has forgotten the stolen life already. And @Grey_baron is suffering all his young life Long.

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Imagine if doctors were forbidden to prescribe a medication they never sampled themselves.

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