Extreme anger / rage

I’ve been struggling for a long time since I got PSSD with severe anger and ptsd at my parents and psychiatrist for doing this to me. The thing is, I was put on this drugs by force when I was just a kid, nothing was wrong with me and I KNEW this drugs where dangerous. I was misdiagnosed and drugged forcefully and no one listened to me when I tried to explain what was actually going on. I begged my parents not to take me with psychiatrists but my mom is abusive and she didn’t care. I have severe anger at all the psychiatrist and my mom for doing this to me. I didn’t wanted nor needed SSRIs. And now all my potential is lost. I lost everything. And I’m just suffering everyday.

I can’t let go of this anger at my parents and psychiatrists and PTSD/ rumination about the past. Yet it’s killing me. I suspect the excessive anger I experienced 24/7 is worsening my physical and emotional state. Yet I don’t know how to let go of it. How can i accept the fact I KNEW this drugs where dangerous and didn’t wanted to take them yet I was forced as a kid How can I accept all the abuse I went through that left me to become so injured? How can I accept I was just a kid and didn’t wanted drugs yet I was force?

I had an amazing life and a lot of potential. My health was the most important thing to me and now it’s lost all because I was drugged against my will. I don’t know how to accept this rage and it’s affecting me so much.


So sorry Kathy, medication for this is out of bounds for us so trying to manage these symptoms a little better is the only option.

I’ve been in this for years and have suffered many explosions. At the time they felt justified but on reflection extreme. I’m on the edge and its always the final straw that seems to break the camels back. It spilled into every aspect of my life, I thought I was losing my mind. However I haven’t lost my rag for a couple of years now.

How do I manage it:-

I removed stressful triggers. We can no longer manage stress. I was very laid back prior to pfs.
I left work and reduced contact with strong characters and opinionated people. Passive people are best.

I practice mindfulness and breathing strategies to bring down the vagul nerve.

I walk away from potential situations - flight. and engage the above.

I stay away from foods that have a detrimental effect on the mood. Intermittent fasting helps with this.

I read the bible and pray regularly :pray: it has a calming effect whether you believe or not. Breath in you prayers and try to believe it brings the system down.

I do the above in the morning and at bedtime and during a potential flare.

Tgese take perseverance and take time to have an effect.

I hope this helps



Thanks a lot for your detailed reply :pray:t3: It’s true our bodies can’t handle stress as well anymore. I’m glad you’ve found things that work, will definitely try to implement these.

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I don’t think there is a golden method for these things and it’s a long road. It’s both a grieving process where you have to accept that your health is not what you want it to be and an emotional process where you try to find your way in dealing with your disappointment and anger towards your parents. It’s a very tough journey but I think with a post like this you’re already starting to take the steps and you’ll get ‘there’ eventually.

I would recommend trying to find a therapist that clicks with you and talk about it, first and foremost. That’s what helped me a lot in processing my hardships with my own experiences growing up in a very toxic household. Therapy talks are confrontational and can induce stress and anxiety in their own right, but they will help considerably in your process, both in putting your thoughts into clear words for yourself and others but also in maturing and making good choices in how to deal with further confrontations, either with your own feelings or with your parents. Just make sure to offset the emotional weight of therapy with a lot of self-love and self-care.

Another thing that’s important in my opinion, is to have some kind of independence and the ability to distance yourself from the source of your tension. Living independently on your own, perhaps in a different city or going to some school or getting some job somewhere can really create a lot of much-needed safe space between you and the people you have grievances with and a proper conversation with clear boundaries becomes possible at the very least. It can of course be quite difficult to create this situation and comes with many challenges, but if there was ever one thing in my life that really turned everything around for the better is when I became truly independent, living on my own with my own income and living my own life.

There were a lot of other things that specifically helped me in my situation with my parents, but I think that these things tend to be very situation specific and I think there is a lot of value in talking to a therapist about it and that making it very clear for yourself what kind of conversation, if any, you want to be having with your parents and what you really ultimately want from them, is key.

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