Extended water fasting


Has anyone done an extended water fast such as more than 14 days and have not seen any sustained/permanent improvement? The anecdotes that I’ve read so far have been all from people who have claimed cured. Just curious.


The longest fast I did was 10 days but it didn’t cure me.

Water fasting seems to work better in the early days of PFS.

A 4 day fast was all it took to cure my mental sides.


I also did 10 days. It definitely helped, but it was no cure. I’m wondering if I need to do it longer or if I could’ve done a better job refeeding.


I’m wondering if a 30 day water fast could cure us ?


30 days is to risky in my opinion, maybe 2 weeks max but you don’t want to further exuast your body. I might try a 1 week and see how it is. I’m currently still taking trt but most likely going to quit maybe somthing will reset if I do that along with fasting. Still have to think about it. I think my liver is functioning poorly I have dark colored urine no matter how much water I drink since my crash.


From what I’ve read so far, some people have done up to 40 day water fasts. A lot of people subjectively saying symptoms cured during the fast or after during refeeding. People posting that fasting helped but didnt cure usually did 10 days or less. Just an obs


Also, I think that as long as you are maintaining electrolytes and not severely underweight, it’s safer than it seems


12-14 hour IF a day is easy to do and should improve gut and brain health that will lead to reduced brain fog, better memory, better digestion and lower inflammation.

Extended fasts probably work best in the early days of a crash because the body is more likely to be suffering from extreme inflammation which in turns affects the brain. So the fast clears the gut, cuts out the painful burning headaches quickly and reduces inflammation. The damage is reduced as you pull the brakes on inflammation which gives you time to come up with a plan once you break the fast. However the inflammation will start to rise up again if gut health is not maintained once you break the fast. The you will see a return of some of your initial problems.

If an extended water fast lowers testosterone what will happen when you stop the fast? Testosterone levels will start to come back up. How will over sensitized receptors cope with this and could it cause more damage to hormonal levels that you simply can’t recover from? The question is how bad is your PFS. If all that happened was a hormonal crash with no affect on the brain or receptors then you may well get away with a long fast. The least affected guys seem to be able to tolerate a long water fast and still make an excellent recovery.