Exposure to DHT and Testosterone INCREASES Androgen Receptor Density

Hello bothers,

For anyone thinking about taking TRT or DHT to downregulate androgen receptors, please watch this.

This guy goes over study by study showing that increasing androgens actually UPREGULATES receptors.

The Q&A at the end of the video are also interesting. He also keeps talking about the body’s ability to self regulate AR’s and that there’s no “upper limit” of AR upregulation.

Isnt that the opposite of the theory of this forum?


I’m not sure. I believe the theory on the forum is that persistent upregulation is the issue but the cause of this persistent upregulation may be from reintroducing DHT or from inhibiting it.

Genuine question here, but why do you think it’d be the opposite?

If androgens upregulate the AR, it would make sense that since our problem is speculated to be AR overexpression (which can be responsible for all sorts of problems), it can cause a worsening of our symptoms, which would explain why some users get worse after increasing androgens.

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I dont have an opinion on it. I am just asking if the theory that increasing DHT increases androgen receptor density goes against the theory of the moderators of this forum or not? I thought that part of the theory was that lowering DHT caused an increase in AR density as a compensation (i.e. opposite mechanism of OPs post)?

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I just found this…so anyone actually know if TRT makes our bodies less susceptible to accepting testosterone?

Lack of DHT in our bodies will cause TRT to convert into estrogen immediately. At least in my case, I tried it 8 months and had to come off it had no androgenic effect on me, it would raise my estrogen no matter how low of a dose.


So maybe taking proviron can improve us? Maybe taking proviron with TRT and slowly coming off? @AaronF

I wouldnt take proviron. I would suggest injecting test and getting your DHT from the test. This is assuming you have functional 5ar enzymes.

My reason is that proviron is supressive and I feel like youd eventually end up with a large amount of DHT and no test

Our problems is located on CNS not Blood… remember we have problems with 5ar2 on CNS, that what Melcangy studies discovered, thats why a lot of us have normal DHT level and still feel bad.

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Doubt it would make a dent and plus I don’t know any doctor who would prescribe me proviron. I’d definitely try it though if I could.

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What you mean by dent? You can order Proviron from web though.

If you’re talking injecting DHT then you mean Masteron…the liquid form of Proviron you might say. Some would argue it’s stronger than Proviron but that’s immaterial.

So I’m a big confused if someone could chime in…is introducing anabolics good or bad for the AR??