Exploring a Hypothesis Involving Night Vision

oh my god… i’ve noticed this too!! I thought i was the only one.

before fin my night vision was amazing! Very clear.

Now it is terrible. i literally cannot see a thing in the dark! Very fucked up since i am 24 years old… my eyes should not be this messed!

Street lights and car lights mess me up when im driving too now…

And yes… my penis is all messed up too… shurnken testicles, narrowing… rubbery etc…

im suffering this shit too , and probably im worst case.
you should do electroretinography (erg) test.
i want to do it but in my country it is so expensive 300 dollars…
Those who are suffering night blidness, definitely will diagnose with erg.
and take a look at this:

clomid makes retinal tears.

I am accutane / saw palmetto and have ED as sides.
I have bad night vision after accutane.

Having one of these right now…my third since the onset of PFS in November. Like this poster mentioned it’s a brain level visual disturbance in both eyes and even with eyes closed. Scary as shit the first time when you don’t know it goes away. Mine actually starts in the center of my vision like a big thumb print and makes it hard to see things in front of my face, then it expands and moves to the peripheral and then finally out of view.

What in the world is causing this insanity?

Damn, having another one now. It starts out tiny, so you only notice the vision disruption before you see the pattern. I was like why can’t I read the words on the screen and at first didn’t see the zig zag. Then I saw a tiny one in the shape of a > sign and as I type it is growing in size. These are the closest I’ve had them back to back, both times after activity. It’s like my PFS body with limited resources can’t support both brain and body at the same time and doesn’t give a shit.

I get these too very rarely since PFS. Never even had a headache before pfs. The first time I thought I got drugged

And it’s back again. Each time it hits after a bike ride then food. Sad thing is if I went to a neurologist he’d just tell me yeah this is a thing people get. I guess I should be thankful it goes away but the fact that I’m getting them after every ride now is another brick in the wall.

Just to update this data point…I’m at the onset of an ocular migrane now from a bike ride without the food. So the activity alone does it. And it’s always this pattern: