experience with Vinegar

few days back I was having chicken soup and my wife put some vinegar in it. I usually don’t like it so don’t use it.After 12 hours I felt a lot better. My brain fog disappeared and felt like my circuits are working from top to bottom. three days back I put 1/4 tbs of vinegar in 1/2 cup of water and again felt very good. The effects started after 12 hours and lasted 48 to 72 hours. I am just expressing my experience. I think vinegar gave me some anti-inflammatory effects.

I had a similar effect while taking apple cider vinegar on the Body Ecology Diet. Didn’t last more than a few days. Don’t understand why…

yesterday I had chicken soup that my father cooked he is chef, any way he has vinegar that her uses and I didn’t know he used vinegar in soup I asked him after seen 1 liter bottle empty if he used vinegar in soup and he told me yes. I came here and searched vinegar and saw this post and I wanted to bump it up so that people could see it had a positive affect I think, I didn’t feel bad so I wanted to see if it can help some of our worst suffering members.

look I don’t know how it will affect you guys so don’t blame me if you feel worse, I personally believe I felt better digestion and mentally, maybe it is my imagination maybe it’s not I don’t know fore sure.

its your decision to test it out or not

also @spstriken how did you feel with apple vinegar? I hade grape vinegar probably 4-5 drops not more in a bowl.
cane you share your experience with people on this forum?

thank you

side note small amount of vinegar is good it gives flavor to foods but more shouldn’t be good do research guys

Helps with PH levels and is a probiotic

Only small amount like a spoon is good. I have not tested with huge amounts but have read negative comments about using huge amounts. Vinegar is an acid, in huge amount it will for sure damage the body.

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From my knowledges, there is way more then just PH.

  1. Vinegar is extremelly rich in Acetic Acid. Body produce Methoxyacetic acid by replacing methyl group with methoxy.

“We used these fibroblasts to examine the ability of MAA (Methoxyacetic acid) to
potentiate dihydrotestosterone (DHT) activation of AR. Although
MAA did not activate AR directly, it did potentiate DHT activation
of the AR by 2- to 4-fold.”

  1. Vinegar have strong impact on methylation.
    Acetate supplementation increases brain histone acetylation and inhibits histone deacetylase activity and expression.
    Enzymic HAT and HDAC assays on brain extracts showed that acetate supplementation had no effect on HAT activity, but significantly inhibited by 2-fold HDAC activity at 2 and 4 h post-treatment. Western blot analysis demonstrated that HDAC 2 levels were decreased at 4 h following treatment. Based on these results, we conclude that acetyl-CoA derived from acetate supplementation increases brain histone acetylation-state by reducing HDAC activity and expression.