Experience with Phosphatidylserine

Hey y’all just wondering what anyone’s experience with this supplement has been. I took 200mg yesterday (100mg at around 5 and 100mg at 10 before bed) and for the first time in months I slept through the entire night. I usually awake very alerted every night between 2-3 before trying this last night. Today I feel a lot more rested than normal, although my anxiety is worse than normal and I’m still feeling some brain fog. On top of this I’m hesitant about continuing to take this because I did a saliva cortisol test in August and all my results came back low or close to low for each time of day measured. (PS is shown to decrease cortisol levels)

I have a rare reaction because I already having troble with an eye (it hurts me and do some spam type of moves and the part of the brain that is behind it sometimes hurt) after taking phosphatidil serine and stop taking it, Im 7 days with very rare sensation with the eye like it has a lot of blood pressure I near can read or think.

Did you ever continue with your use of phosphatidylserine? If so, how did it go?