Exercise makes me WORSE, please thoughts

I updated you earlier about my experience with Wellburtin, which was positive.

Now I wanted to mention exercise. I have been 4 months OFF exercise because of depression/knee pain,…
During these 4 months my symptoms were up and down but overall I felt I am starting to improve a tiny little bit…

The last week I started exercising a bit: push ups, dumbbells,. …

Immediately after I start to get MUCH MUCH worse, In fact my symptoms have never been that bad since 4 months…
So I am attributing this to exercise (maybe because of the spike in T level)

What are your thoughts? Experiences? I am stopping exercise for now, too bad because I was looking forward for it.

It happens me too, and after ejaculation it makes me feel worse too. As far as i know, both ejaculation and exercise increase testesterone level, these 2 things makes me thing pfs is probably epigenetic changes on androgen receptors, tissue etc. Its like my body cant use my sexual hormones properly.

what boggles me is how come there is almost a consensus on this board that Exercise is good for you and played an important partr in peoples’ recovery…

How long were you exercising for, and what were you doing? A few bouts with dumbbells, etc, after four weeks off is going to be a shock to your weakened body, no matter what. Stay with it, and things will get better as your muscles and cardiovascular system adjust to the workouts. It’s not supposed to be easy, especially at first. I wouldnt give up that easily.

I completely agree. I have the symptoms of someone who has severe lack of testosterone but anything I have done over the last 6 years to try and increase it always makes me worse.

I was doing some research and it is possible that the answer lies in CORTISOL levels.

Will write more, but some studies:



Exercise definitely makes me worse, at least mentally. Feel depression and fatigue levels worsen. Is there any science behind this?