Excessive/Obsessive eating?

For some reason, I can’t stop eating. I used to have a normal appetite, ate very health, and didn’t care much for sweets.
Currently, I can’t stop eating. I never really get that empty stomach feeling, but I always have to urge to eat. I crave just about everything including candy and junkfood. And after I eat, I never get that feeling of a full stomach. Just bloated but still wanting to eat more.

Can anyone else relate?


How is this connected to Finasteride use again?

Not sure if it is. Sometimes I think I do this because socializing, tv, books, sports, alcohal, etc. dont really give me much pleasure. But eating is one sense that I can please…

Well that’s an entirely different issue unrelated to permanent Finasteride side effects… if you have problems with binge eating or overeating tied to your emotional wellbeing, you might want to see a psychotherapist.

Well, actually, when I was at my worst, I had this symptom. The pleasure center in my brain never registered the pleasure it should have from the food, so, yes, I can relate. I would eat to get pleasure, but it never came, and I never felt full, so I would stuff myself to get any kind of feeling. Not sure if this is an entirely different issue, but I’ve had it.

I’m so glad mew is never passive aggresive.

Yes, quite the Gent he is.

I’m surprised more people haven’t gotten this symptom. I remember thinking how odd it was that I never seemed to get full. Of course, my head was so numb and dulled, I guess it’s really no shocker that it wasn’t registering, like everything else.

at my worst time it was the same for me,i eat but it was like if i didn t eat ,i didn’t feel nothing,not enjoy and not full in the stomach,it was like i didn t feel anything doing something cause my mind was so numb… so i think it is relate at post fina sides and i think this is a sign of some desensibization in the brain cause we never get exitated by nothing and we never enjoy nothing,even food cause the brain doesn’t register anything,like if there is a disconnection inside the brain (so maybe some receptor is not working well) and we also have numb penis,so maybe there is something desensibilizated that can’t be felt from our body/mind (this is just a thought) .

lol wut? You all know this board becomes so cluttered with unnecessary, trivial idiosyncrasies that we do need people to keep things organized and relevant.

On the subject though, I do think this has relevance to the post-Fin issue. Personally I usually have felt that I need to eat more than I usually would to keep myself going (like every 2 hrs). I have cut down now but appetite and a sense of pleasure when eating does implicate DA. Mew you know we deal with mental side effects - this is actually one of them for some. When nothing gives you pleasure or excitement (classic finasteride zombie behaviour), sometimes food becomes one of the remaining sources.

Is this a crucial issue? Nope.

Yes, this can be related to Finasteride. Excessive cortisol release induces an increase in appetite. This has happened to me, and still happens when i have a peak of cortisol.

For me I’ve been going through just the opposite problem. I don’t have much of an appetite anymore and eat much less than normal. I don’t enjoy eating that much, or anything else for that matter…

Yes. I can perfectly relate to this. I had a normal appetite before taking finasteride, but now can never feel satisfied. Maybe it’s related to the depression, the low T levels inducing anemia, or thyroid issues?

I’m eating a LOT more than I used to and do not seem to store energy.

I’ve noticed poor self-control and excessive pleasure-seeking in general, including over-eating and consuming large amounts of junk food.

I conjecture this is a result of stress and depression, which would indeed be linked to the Post-Propecia Syndrome as many of us are now much more highly susceptible to stress and feeling like crap.


Ya i can relate. As soon as the drug really took hold my eating behavior changed. I started buying huge 3 lb bags of M&Ms cuz I had this sudden sweet tooth. Now I aways crave food and sweets and chocolate

I had it too, especially at my peak. I recall people saying something to me at work, “dude your always eating, what is wrong with you?” No question in my mind. I was never like this before this crap. I still crave choclate quite a bit, but I’m better than I was.

Does anyone else think that it could be do to our bodies being impaired in the energy processing and storage department (i.e. liver and kidneys)?


I suspect the problem may be a Thyroid Problem. I had read that one of the symptoms of problematic thyroid is weight gain or loss; excessive eating and often not gaining weight inspite of the increase in calories.

I fall into this category. I am still pretty muscular, but I lost about 15 lbs of muscle from my body and eat pretty much the same diet and do the same exercises that I used to.

The other symptoms of a thyroid problem are depression, anxiety, muscle & joint pain and fatigue. I guess this doesn’t tell us much, as the low T or a number of other factors could be causing these symptoms as well.

I will try to research this more when I have time.

Boston, I had the thyroid tested. It doesn’t feel that I’m burning the calories efficiently at all. In fact I’m often cold and it takes me a long time to warm up at the gym. It more feels like I’m pissing them out all the time. I’m not very muscular, 145 pounds and 5’10". In fact I haven’t changed 1 pound in a years time that included 8 months of weight training and exercise. I do look in better shape so I’m hoping my body is transitioning from propecia poisoned to athletic again. But my caloric intake is average 3000-4000/day. And I can’t put on weight, my diet is limited to proteins and fruit/vegetable carbs. It’s just strange… and my workouts are 2 days on, 1 day off, limited to 45 minutes at a time so no cortisol buildup.

I’ve tested everything but adrenal fatigue, the Dr. refused and I haven’t gone to a lab to test yet on my own.

Sorry if this sounds argumentative, not intended, just frustrated when I think about why I feel handicapped all the time :angry:

Pre-propecia I was eating well composed and healthy diet, could easily feel fullness in my stomach. Now I feel constant urge to eat, always hungry, no matter how much I ate. So, from this thread I can assume It’s another thing that was disregulated by finasteride. This side effect can also be caused by some antidepressants and antipsychotic drugs, but I’m not using them right now. I’m gonna water fast, and update how it went in some time.