Excessive anger

has anyone experienced excessive anger/anxiety ? i had anxiety after my crash but it all went away pretty much after 4-5 months of my crash but recently(4 years has passed) sometimes i feel excessive anger, this shit is even scary for me(it reminds me the days prior to my crash), does anyone have any suggestions for this issue?

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It could be hormones, I know when I was on T I was pretty angry all the time. The other times I was angry was for being in the mess and seeing my life pass me by.

But if you’re talking about naturally occurring anger it could be some type of change in your hormones. I’ve read men get moodier and nag more… when we age… cuz estrogens increase as men get older…

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I just asked a mod this question the other day cause I have excessive anger now and I used to be a chill dude.

Have this bad. There are only 2 modes in life now: malaise or rage. Like roid rage without all the benefits of exogenous T.

I’m not sure if the rage is something that comes with having to constantly force oneself to try to live as if there is nothing wrong, or if it is directly part of how my mind was affected. Add to that the knowledge that this was done to me for someone’s profit.

@anon58873600 and @RR3, you guys are both post-finasteride, right?

I ask because increased anger and violent tendencies during or after Accutane have been documented and used as a defense in court cases, but I haven’t heard about this as a side effect of fin more that a couple times.


Increased free testosterone due to no 5-ar conversion to DHT.

That’s just a guess.

I’ve had free-T on the lower end of the scale in some instances and over the limit in others and felt no difference. I’m one of the poster boys for serum hormone levels not mattering.

yup i crashed so hard 3-4 years ago, i had this kind of rage prior to my crash then it transformed to numbness(after the crash), recently i am experiencing excessive anger i am afraid it turns into deporsonalization later on…(hope not fingers crossed)…

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I was very aggressive this time last year. Struggling to keep a lid on things even what i previously would have deemed minor. At this point i was still on a normal diet which was very healthy mon to frid. I ate out at weekends where carbs and sauces came in to play. Sundays would be particularly bad. I reviewed and changed my diet. My mood tends to be very low now but id take this ahead of anger. Drop carbs and avoid 5 ar foods. No fruit or veg either. Potatoes and red meat are safe. Very restricted unfortunately. Good luck

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Same here, I think we more prone to sad (seasonal affective disorder) I am generally more down and rage full, I think it will be dissolve by spring.

@Dubya_B, I don’t think the anger issue is a problem for me, so for me it’s not a side effect of PFS. I had anger issues when I was on T replacement and when I’m pissed at the situation I’m in.

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Anxiety in men and in Type A personalities come out as anger----we/these types of people are not the type to cry, we get mad.

I think the origin of all the anxiety/anger is the neurosteroid imbalance in our brains. Makes sense because whatever chemical damages those, the downstream effect is changes in mood and cognition and behavior.

This behavioral neurology. My PFS doc is a behavioral neurologist. PM me if you want more info on all this.

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I had to drop lithium because of sudden anget bursts.

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So do I.
It’s better to be angry than anxious.
I think it’s a recovery phase.
Every time you do that, you have to get through it.

does it help? illl try lithium this time, also try KRATOM it helps too, but go easy on it, i ve heard it can build tolerance and people hooked up on it easily

No, it didnt help. It just provoked sudden anger attacks for the pettiest things. I can’t think of a single benefit.

oh i c ,“drop lithium” <<<i didnt notice this part, try Kratom if its legal in ur country