Excellent PSSD video published today by the German group on a media YT channel

In this video I talk to Sandra, the chairperson of PSSD Hilfe Deutschland e. V. about PSSD. What is it actually? Where does it come from? How do I diagnose PSSD? Are there treatment options? Is there help?

00:00 - Welcome
01:08 - PSSD help
04:06 - What is PSSD?
17:06 - Physiological explanations of PSSD
21:31 - Does it always occur the first time you take an SSRI?
22:56 - How many are affected?
23:48 - Help for sufferers
28:55 - Drug treatment for PSSD
31:28 - How treatment providers deal with sufferers
32:42 - What to do when symptoms are present?
35:13 - Other sources of information
36:39 - Parallels to knowledge gain about weaning syndrome
38:37 - Outtakes

Activate subtitles with automatic translation :arrow: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qnIzVaCOQvY


Gerade schon angeschaut und geliked. Sandra kommt sehr angenehm und glaubwürdig rüber. Ich hoffe dass ein paar Fachärzte eventuell dieses Video teilen und es zur Aufklärung und Akzeptanz von PSSD und den Leiden der Opfer kommt.

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