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What are the long term consequences of being in this state? Life expectancy and health are both severely impacted.

It could be shorten lifespan IMO. I don’t think having this low testosterone for long time is good for the heart and for the entire body as whole…

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Nobody knows the effect on life expectancy.

Androgen deprivation causes accelerated ageing thus effecting life expectancy.

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I was taking it for antibacterial purposes to treat the gut.

Garlic is actually healthy, but those processed extracts are not even near the actuall thing man. So if you want to eat garlic, just eat the normal, natural one, not those pills that say Garlic on the bottle :slight_smile:

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I appreciate the advice man, but garlic extract pills are antimicrobials that are used in place of antibiotics to treat SIBO. It’s nothing to do with wanting to eat garlic or be healthy. But anyhow let’s not veer off from the topic of this thread. :slight_smile:

Eating raw garlic increases my frequency of nocturnals.

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My partner is like vampire, once she smells garlic I am fucked :grinning:
So I am not eating it, at least not as often as I want…


you guys are really playing with fire if you try to mess with those “demethylation” agents.

sum guys have got worse on some of these things listed.

we hve no idea knowing which one works for us, in which combination, in which sequence etc

and thats if they even work at all

Who has actually tried it though @lakehouse?

some of the stuff on that list like quercetin and curcumin have made people worse

i dont know who specifically but a quick search in here would reveal

Oh I’m talking specifically about demethylating drugs.

right. my point is some of these compounds have “demethylating” properties and still affected us adversely.

demethylating drugs could be the same in the sense that its risky and could mess us up even more.

for example, hypothetically lets say that in 2 years we find out that demethylation drug “ABC” + “XYZ” in combination reverse some of our methylations and provide relief to some of our symptoms

but then if we take them individually, or just one of them, it makes us worse.

im not saying that exact scenario is possible.

just saying, no matter how bad it is, it could always get worse since we have no way of knowing right now

I’d say those individuals were adversely because of the anti androgenic properties. Those that are mild cases I wouldn’t recommend taking anything and for those that are on a tight rope like myself then there isn’t much options on the table but to try something that may be therapeutic and benefit others. The way I compare this situation in my head is of those that were on their death beds in the 80’s who were dying off like flies with AIDS and willing to be guinea pigs and only through this measure were they able to find a treatment. I mean we’ve got a guy on today talking about the devastating side effects 13 years on with no improvements in his condition.

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He did say, though, that he struggled with brain fog for years but “those side effects subsided”. I thought that was something very positive to take away from the post.


Many see improvement over time though. Probably depends on lifestyle choices and severity. Also, it depends on the level of iron will of the individual. All of us want to improve but some fight very hard to do so (meditate, diet, exercise, forcing yourself to learn new things and spend time with people…) while some others, unfortunately don’t take enough positive action IMO.

my brain fog hasnt been completely reversed but im able to work and function now at least. i could be much proficient at my work but this will be fine for now
id say wait atleast a year. the improvesments came suddenly for me. one day i was struggling with short term memory like i had been, and then the next few weeks i reflected back and thought man this change just happened out of nowhere

In this study, researchers injected the same histone-altering chemical, a histone deacetylase inhibitor called trichostatin A (TSA), in ant brains at specific points in early adulthood: zero, five and 10 days after they emerged. They found that many genes that are normally only turned on in the Minor workers were also turned on in the reprogrammed Major workers, and these changes persisted well after the short half-life of the drug. Surprisingly, neither the behavioral reprogramming nor the gene expression similarities occurred in Major workers injected after 5 days of age