Estrogen too high - Help me!


OK so finally have some bloodwork to post. Biggest issues are shrinkage, testicular pain and atrophy, low or no libido. Symptoms to me pointed towards either low T or High E - but I have really suspected high E.

Test, total 718 (range 250-1100)
Test, free 100.5 (range 35-155)
Test % free 1.4 (range 1.5-2.2) (slightly low)

DHEA 77 (Range 45-345) seems low to me

Estradiol 55 (Range male 13-54) slightly too high

Vitamin D 24 (Range 30-100) low - BTW have been taking 3000 units a day

To me the above a problem; especially the out of range Estradiol. My nuts are killing me and shrinking and I have no libido. Initial response from Dr. is well everything is pretty much in range; no issue.

So what course of action is recommended - press for Arimidex? Go find some dim? Anyone else have similar results? In a way I am happy there is one clear number out of whack and I still am producing T. Is this an easy fix - or is this a permanent issue?

Please comment


Are you the guy that had a brief recovery via clomid? Welcome back. I take it Shippen was no use. Have you considered another longer run of clomid?


Get dht tested


Hello -DHT was in range. Any suggestions?

And no I was never on comid


Speaking totally selfishly I would like to see how you got on with arimidex

I am not a newbie but I am to this forum. I have tried all different types of herbs and nothing really works.

I don’t want to do trt so I am probably gonna self medicate with a very low doses of arimidex and see what happens…


TS you are in a very similar boat to me

my prolactin levels are top range too, are yours? i would anticipate that they are due to the high E!

im going to wait for what my endo thinks but like you ive started getting penile pain and shrinkage. no doubt as to why.

High E2…probably high SHBG…estrogenic dominance in our bodies. High T is trying to compensate for it but not effectively enough. Needs some assistance.

Remember high prolactin = lower dopamine = lower libido, sensation etc. All coming from high E!

What im going to do?

Take cabergoline to reduce prolactin levels so it wont interfere with the next step. Second step, take proviron. This should iron things out. The dosages etc are extremely important though ill have to work this one out. If i dont take proviron it’ll be nolvadex to help balance the E. Definately not arimidex as it is an enzeme inhibitor much like fin, its like a cousin of fin, dont touch it!!

I reckon we are very curable!!


EDIT -delete. Poor info.




Despite my above post ive somewhat changed my stance.

Arimidex isn’t ideal due to it being an enzyme inhibitor much like fin, but for what it does, it does it job when. Noveldex for instance doesn’t really hit the spot in the right manner. Clomid isn’t really what you want to high e2 levels either seemingly.

yeah sounds like you need to do something solonjk. i really think the best option for people is a slow systematic one with low dosages.

Solonjk, why dont you try some DHT cream? Apply to your balls. Should do some good!!




Im not advocating doing what those guys say but you have to say alot of those guys have balls and tend to bulldose their way through problems such as ours.

Problem is alot may end up on TRT


dhea is to low, e2 is sky high. Look into getting your cortisol tested along with pregostrone, preglostrone and dhea,.shbg Thyroid hormones as well.


HEY - just got my labs.

Estradiol down to 38 using the tamoxifen vs 56 last time Range 13-54
Testosterone - holding steady at 711 (was 718 last time) Range 250-110
Free Testosterone 87.5 vs 100.5 last time Range (35-155)
% Free Test - 1.2% vs. 1.4% last time Range 1.5-2.2%

SHBG new test - 66!!! Range 9-45

Sense a problem??? No wonder I feel like shit below the waist. Advice on what do I do or ask the urologist for? Looks like my test is OK but is getting gobbled up by SHBG…


you are shooting yourself in the foot!

tamox or clomid rapidly increase shbg, or too much t3 which you are not using

it’s simple dude

buy a couple zrt total t and e2 tests or ask your doc to co operate when you try the following:

add in DIM and retest a two/three weeks later
add in CDG and retest
add in RESVERATROL and retest
add in CHRYSIN with PIPERINE and retest

etc… until you find something to lower it

if dht is too low try a test gel on the nuts

to solojnk, please try hcgenerate for nut size, good reviews about it… you tried so much i don’t know anymore buy this at least


coincidentally, when i stopped using fin back in sept 2010, i also started hcgenerate. i felt a major boner on this.

of course, my system shut off a short while later and i wasn’t sure if the cause was from discontinuing fin or starting hcgenerate. i still don’t know. i havent taken hcgenerate since. spoke to the maker of hcgenerate and he blamed propecia for my symptoms, which appears to be correct. just thought i’d mention this though.


yeah fina! don’t blame hcgenerate… this product will not do that, simple end of story

you are doing good now with your test levels… you only need to evaluate adrenals/thyroid and vitamin status

adding in vitamins may help lower estradiol a bit and also if you have low cortisol, adding in cortisol will help lower E2

anyways you have even higher levels of E2 than i have naturally

please consider using arimidex, or even aromasin

aromasin is good for ppl with insane high estradiol and can be dosed daily… it reaces stable blood levels in a week

if you start of with a 25 mg tab in quarters, making 6.25 mg aromasin daily, you could try that for 2 weeks and wait for improvement, if not up dosage to 12.5 mg

symptoms you are looking at are brain fog and a lot of sweating from high E2… if aromasin helps in that regard, you know you’re on the right track

it does really help to get adrenals tested though

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I had high cortisol and high estrogen from my bloodwork. My body composition appears to be changing guys…Is there any help?


Man, I wish I had your problem! My E2 has been too low for too long and trying to raise it is pain in the A$$!!!

Anyhow, if you really need to shoot your estrogen (particularly E2) then try the following:

30mg Zinc
400mg Magnesium
350mg Green Tea
1g Fish oil
2000IU Vitamin D (if you’re deficient)
Vitamin K2
Selenium & Melatonin may also act as anti estrogen

You can try some of the above. For high Cortisol, try Ashwagandha or low dose DHEA.

Be extra cautious not to get your estrogen (especially E2) level way too low. It can be hell on earth!