Estradiol Injections ? Yes

This PDF is a long read but VERY interesting ! There is also a very active channel online discussing the protocol and personal trials…

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It’s the so called Sweaty protocol. He is one of these high infantil pseudo science producers.

He has a big fanclub! But read it, follow this guy, inject and pfs, pssd and pas sufferers are happy the next 30 years. Criticism is black minded, I know.


Reports, case reports, forums and facts about pssd and psychiatric drugs you can get at

Media awareness about psychiatric drugs in America

Patients communities:


I stumbled on this on reddit, they have a dscord group which I’ve joined to keep tabs on results. People are using hops extract or e2 injections. The author reckons it cures 4 syndromes PFS, PSSD, PRSD and PAMD.

I personally suffer from high e2 sides on trt; bloating, gyno etc so don’t see how it will help. The author is also very defensive if you ask questions.

Imagine that.


Am I right in thinking that a lot of us PFS/PAS suffer from high e2? Asking because that idea is totally alien to the author of that paper

Just like other hormones it seems to be all over the place, some high, some low and some normal. Mines about normal little low but I still have same problems as everyone else.

There’s some rat studies that showed increase in estrogen receptor alpha and decrease in estrogen receptor beta however. No human study to confirm but it could explain it maybe.

While SSRI, Accutane and Finasteride is all antiandrogenic, one must consider that people end up in our situation even when using aromatase inhibitors. They are not antiandrogenic, so it might be other receptor involved than only the androgen receptor.


My browser doesn’t let me download the file because it says that the web page has malicious code. Can you send me the file with a message?

Just tried to send you that file but it only allows us to add pictures not files

Spyros’ updated PDF
“PSSD,PFS,PRSD: A perspective for aetiology and treatment”
My understanding:
Estrogen receptor normalization is a prerequisite to restore androgen sensitivity/tolerance in most individuals experiencing PSSD, PFS, and PRSD.



"PSSD,PFS,PRSD: A perspective for aetiology and treatment”

study released by the author Spyros Bourtzalas

is the updated “Sweathy protocol”
and is written by the pssd patient Sweathy.


I ask me why all the great pssd and pfs theorists and recoverers like Joe Kool, Curefind, Bong Bong Frog, sweathy speak with robot voices, never show up their face and keep anonymous in the dark.

The real scientists show their names and have a correspondence adress. All of them have studied medicine or biology and have a backround in serious research.

The real pfs and pssd sufferer who show up in public show their faces and tell their real names! That’s the way to find out of our hell and to warn inocent new hims, hers, keeps, roman, organon and generic resellers victims!


Dont forget CDNUTZ, JustQuitDut, and Pals Proviron! All idiots.

Thats what we call him! Bing bong boy! ha ha!