Eroxon new gel for ED

There is new gel called eroxon. It is available only in france for now.
It could be good viagra replacement.

Have you already tried that? How are the sides compared to sildenafil/tadalafil?

No, they doesn’t sell it yet in my country, but i am looking to buy it online.
I read that there are very minimal sides but need more people to use that and see

Someone’s bound to get their hands on it eventually

I saw that it is available in Belgium, france and usa but maybe there are more countries.

Uk from today

It doesn’t need prescription, so i hope it will be available online someday.

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Has anybody tried it?

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I tried this out yesterday for the first time before sex, I had also taken 2.5mg Cialis (Tadalafil) earlier as well. I intentionally tried it before I was arroused to see what effect it would have, it felt a bit like rubbing mint lube on your head - quite a nice feeling actually. But its effects are fairly minor, gave me a semi for a bit and that was all - I don’t think I would depend on it, and probably won’t buy it again.

What is your normal cialis dose?
Even with eroxon you must be arroused to get an erection

I typically take 2.5mg daily in order to assist nocturnal erections which should aid recovery and prevent peyronies.

Now in the USA… eventually! Available in 2025.


2 years jeez

They can get a new product on the market almost immediately when they want to. Anybody remember covid vaccine?

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