Erection quality changes due to exercise variations

Hello people, i wish you good luck and health if it’s possible. I have been fighting with PAS for 1 and half year. I have tried some methods like all of you and some has worked and some has not.

I want to say that i somehow regained the ability of getting aroused from a female visually and mentally. But my erection quality has never come back to normal. I rarely get morning erecitons. I have never used cialis/viagra or etc.

I have been working out for 1 year and i have observed some changes on my erection strength due to the exercises that i do. When i do one of these exercises: heavy weighted leg press, squat, t-bar rows or weighted lunches i get insane strength of my pelvic area and my erections gets almost pre-accutane strength. (that effects libido on a good way aswell.) I was doing these exercises casually then i needed to stop working out for 3 weeks due to my exams. After 1 week i have stopped i have lost %60-70 of my pelvic muscle and erection strength. I suspect that my pelvic muscles have strained too much. Another observation i have seen is, i feel like my bowel movements have changed at that exact time. My guts feel bloated and i somehow have some pain in my gut area. When i kept doing these exercises again after stopped these problems got worse. Now i will try to relax that area and come back to that point which was way more better than now.

Is there anybody who managed to relax that area and get benefit of it? Or is there anyone who gets better or worse while bodybuilding?

Could be the case that training legs is affecting testosterone levels more because more muscle mass is involved. The effect is somewhat proven by studies.