Erectile Dysfunction after 1 pill

Today it’s worse :frowning:

You are getting a lot of fluctuation. Are you feeling worried or concerned about it?

Also, are you attempting to masturbate every day? Or are you attempting sex every day?

I want to know in what context are these stronger or weaker erections. Let me know!

I am feeling worried about it.

Also, are you attempting to masturbate every day? Or are you attempting sex every day?


Yesterday evening and 2 days ago it was completely fine, today it’s back to like 20% of normal.

The feeling worried about it is making it worse.
The trying to masturbate every day might be making it worse.
Relax, do something else besides thinking about it all, do something else besides trying to masturbate.
After you are feeling much less worry, and you have given your body enough sleep and stayed away from drugs or alcohol, then try sex with yourself or someone you are attracted to.

I’m really scared it’s permanent.

It’s not permanent unless you are 90 years old and every single day of your life from now til 90 you have had no erectile function.

See what I mean? You desperately need to refocus your mind away from negative thoughts that are causing your scaredness. Tell me, what things do you do to relax or take your mind off stuff?

Play football (soccer) and (gonna sound boring) code (Computer Science student lol).

Yeah, I’ve had the same type of fluctuations when coming off. After I stopped sp, I was fully recovered after a week, then I gradually went down again, then up again and then one evening it was rock bottom. I’ve had small fluctuations since, it’s like my body tries to go back to its normal state, but just can’t due to whatever factor. Maybe there is some feedback loop preventing from getting normal, idk.

Keep doing these and other things to relax and have fun and enjoy life…then you will be far less focused on every single movement or feeling of your penis.

Still haven’t seen much of an improvement since 4 days ago, although it’s definitely much better than it was 1-3 days after taking the pill. I’m worried I’ll never go back to full since it’s been like 9 days since taking it.

Should I give it 14 days? 3 months?

Yeah wait a full three months worst case scenario you get on some form of hormone therapy you don’t seem to be severely effected which is a good thing.


ED is still very much here, I’m considering jumping back on fin since my dick is dead anyway. Might as well at least preserve hair.

Don’t do it man your sides will get way worse, your at a decent baseline right now your doing yourself harm if you go back on, your body is telling you it can’t tolerate that poison. Just wait a full 3 months then look into other things like supplements, in telling you there’s others here who have it way worse.

Your dick is not dead, you are completely sucked in psychologically and fearing the worst. I have had this syndrome since 1997/1998 and my dick is not dead.

I think I’ve recovered.


Congratulations on your recovery. It is a good thing you didn’t decide to go back on the medication after we told you it would be a bad idea.

I trust that you will be a constructive ambassador to this community when you go back to Reddit and other areas of the internet. In the past, you have done some damage to the reputation of PFS patients by calling us nutheads and freaking out that your life was over after 2 days of side effects. Despite that, we’ve offered you support and advice on what to do, and that is how you can repay us. You can now go back on with your life.


Told you man, now you know what the rest of us here are all talking about. Don’t worry about hair and enjoy your life

Can we ban this guy already? He’s a nut, doesn’t have PFS because he clearly says he recovered after a couple weeks, and he’s back on Reddit spreading doubt about PFS and telling people to take Propecia.

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Hey folks , sorry I’m all over the place on this forum , but I don’t know how I got here on this part of the forum or how to get back where I was , or how I will get back here later. But I do want to say that I took propecia twice , two 30 day supplies . Had to start Viagra between ,( because I didn’t make the connection with propecia) , was absolutely sure before second 30 day round was over . Was as emotional as my girlfriend got during her period. Depressed. A light bulb went off. I flushed the last week of propecia, and have been ashamed every since I did this to myself because of a little hair loss. I blame Merk though, as they ,in 1998 , said nothing about how this drug destroyed, meaning what they knew of, how they came about discovering the hair connection and the children that were raised as girls until puberty then discovered that they were male . If you don’t know this research. But they did not inform the buyers of propecia. If they did , I missed the fine print. In short these children had no DHT , and retained a full head of hair for life. They sent a team in the early 70’s. They found a way to destroy DHT in the male. Made it sound as though DHT , (to me anyway), was an unwanted mutation of testosterone that happens with age , as other things happen in the human body with age. Did not know that DHT is the most powerful male androgen. Massively more powerful than testosterone and a normal and required part of the male being. I’m going to at least say it once , and I hope it doesn’t get me bounced. Evil bastards , evil , evil , evil , as it is still being
marketed to unwitting men. Destroying them for$$$$. EVIL . Anyway if you see my name any were else you can read my story , which is incomplete. I wrote what I wrote ( about on) February 25th on the side of the road , coming from UNC Chapel Hill Medical Endocrinologist Office, where I hoped there was a chance of open mindedness , ( my heart doctor which is familiar with pfs sent me , there, with an advanced letter introducing me and psf , along with a fax , that presumedly never arrived ) . He said that these younger Drs were inclined to be more open minded. He wanted to send me to the Mayo clinic , but my many injuries and diseases have rendered me disabled and robbed me of the best money making years of my life. I’m now on disability. All my diseases and conditions are proven by science and blood work. Way before pfs was known .
Guess I can’t prove aura’s and ADD and certain conditions , but endocronoligcal, Grave’s disease ,ect. Hyperlpidemia , pyronies, ED , Heart disease, ( 1 of five healthy brothers , in all ways ) , sleep apnea , hypogonadism , ect. There is more. All within a few short years , ( less than five ) . I couldn’t make up this list and include almost all injuries that are NOW associated with pfs. And as I said , this was all within 5 years. Quick succession. Suicidal ideation for at least 4 years . Lost love family , lost it all. Told my brother in 2005 , ( at that time I knew I was probably not alone , but knew of no forums ect. , ) if he noticed that the commercials of the cure for baldness was no longer on T.V. Everyone knows they’ve heard their whole life that the richest person on the planet would be the person that came up with the cure for baldness. This stuff did work for me in the time I used it , a little. It really did. A little. Back to the point , it is still not mass commercialized , and advertised , so the non believers should say , ( hummm , he is on to something there.) Or else they should be disregarded , for it is obvious that they are unintelligent , or have an agenda. Back to what I was saying , I told my brother , "You will see lawsuit commercials on TV one day about this drug ". Need I say more. If I have forgotten to mention I was 38 years old when I took propecia in 1998 , had never seen a Dr in my adult life, and have seen dozens since. Many current Drs now. All my money , saved and earned until my disability , which was granted the first filing without a lawyer. That ought to tell you something about scientific provenence as to my medical conditions. I’m 59 now. Thanks for hearing me out. May you all come to peace if this becomes you. I hope you do not experience what I have. But pity me not , for I have excepted that this is my lot in life. And at my age I couldn’t raise children , couldn’t afford to give them a good life , and probably wouldn’t see them graduate , I don’t know , middle School at the rate of my decline. Must sign off , but have things that may help .
Clonazepam. It is an amneseiatic drug. But not remembering what I had has helped me. It kepted me alive ( if you are considering the unthinkable, please use this, …better option ). And Tri-mix injectable to the penis for Peyronie’s disease. Helped me considerably. If severe , have Dr assistance, in the event that your penis needs to be deflated quickly to avoid permanent damage. I have questions and I have maybe some answers. Good day to all. No matter how bad it is , it’s always better on this side of the grass. Hang in there

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Hi @Here-to-help. Thank you for telling your story, hard though it is to hear.

Could you make it into a member story? It lets everyone here get to know the full picture regarding your situation. Additionally, as you have suffered from this condition for so long (which I am very sorry to read), it would be highly valuable if you could take our Post-Drug Syndrome Patient Survey.

The data generated will help to characterize the condition(s) that have come to be known as PFS, PAS and PSSD, along with several other persistent syndromes resulting from various substances.

The survey can be accessed through the bar-graph icon at the top of your screen after you have posted a member story and participated in the forum for a bit, and remember, the survey can be halted at any time and continued at a later time/date.

By doing your part, you take another step toward establishing the legitimacy of persistent post-drug side effects and another step toward the understanding we need to find a cure.