Erectile disfunction after 1 pill

Hey Guys,

After lurking on the internet I came across this site and you guys seem to be really supportive and so I wanted to share my story as I have to tell someone and I’m starting to freak out.

I took one 1mg finasteride pill on Tuesday afternoon at 3.30pm. I started experiencing erectile dysfunction soon after (an hour or two later). I was planning on taking it 1 pill, three days a week but I decided to stop as soon as I experienced ed.

24 hours later, no change. Still can’t get an erection at all. Porn usually does the trick for me but it wasn’t helping this time. This next morning (2nd day after taking it) I realised I got morning wood but it was at 50% and it felt different but I guess it’s progress right? I tried to use the morning wood to masterbate but I couldn’t. I took a nap this afternoon for an hour or two and got an erection when I woke up but again, it felt off and it was at 60-70% and I still couldn’t use it to masterbate.

As fas as I can tell, that’s the only side effect I’ve experienced, just erectile dysfunction, as I can get in the mood from watching porn or nswf pics but It dosen’t result in an erection. I initially told myself, it’s only one pill, one pill can’t possibly do anything permanent. Even though I’m freaking out, deep down I’m still holding onto that hope that since It’s only 1 pill, everything will be fine.

I’ll be seeing a doctor soon, 14 days after I took the first pill, to give myself some time to recover, hoping, praying I’ll be back to normal when I see the doctor.

It would really be great to hear from people who’s recovered from a similar experience to mine (from 1 pill). I just can’t seem to sit alone with my my thoughts right now.

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