Epigenome editing company - Tune Therapeutics

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“Tune’s proprietary TEMPO platform can rapidly target and adjust the epigenomic machinery of the cell, which shapes DNA and controls gene expression. By varying specific control modules in an iterative process, TEMPO can fine-tune expression toward healthy levels – even in diseases involving multiplex or polygenic interactions…Unlike genome editing, the tuning process does not generate double- or single-strand breaks in DNA and makes no permanent changes to the DNA sequence. This de-risks the precise targeting of entire gene networks, allowing Tune to simultaneously turn silenced genes on and dial over-expressed genes down, in a practical, therapeutic context.”


I live close to Durham…


How long and how much does this technology cost?

Can somebody contact with them?

In a paper published in cell magazine on April 9, researchers from the University of California, San Francisco and MIT developed a new epigenetic genome editing tool “crisploff”, which can sink almost all genes in human cells without changing the genetic code. This silencing will remain for hundreds of generations in the offspring of cells and is reversible. After using another “crispron” tool, the silenced genes can be reactivated.

Look at this.Some people have worked it out in the University.
We got sick too early :joy::joy::joy:

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So when it will be used for human?


Still too long chinese brother.

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