Epigenetic reprogramming, David Sinclair et.al. - "A cure for epigenetic alterations in sight?"


Cellular responses to double-stranded DNA breaks erode the epigenetic landscape

This loss of epigenetic information accelerates the hallmarks of aging

These changes are reversible by epigenetic reprogramming

By manipulating the epigenome, aging can be driven forward and backward

My comment

The frequently asked question about the research initiative is, how long does it take they will find a cure.
And they all have this argument to do nothing as pray for the godness of hcg: “I don’t believe that there is found something that can help us in the next years.”

I just want to show, there is something going on. There is not only a Joe Kool who knows everything, there are some others too!!


:sob: :sob: :sob:

By the time we fully understand PFS I hope we can target it directly. I can’t fucking live like this

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My comment

The frequently asked question about the research initiative is, how long does it take they will find a cure.
And they all have this argument to do nothing as pray for the godness of hcg: “I don’t believe that there is found something that can help us in the next years.”

That’s what I want to day, dear @Erik

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This articles released in The Cell world leading science magazine should give us hope!!! There is something going on. Up to now we don’t know the exact mechanism.


Thanks for posting this. We need to shift the negativity that plagues this community to positivity and take on the mindset that this can be fixed. There’s a lot of evidence pointing us towards hope, yet people want to continue to believe our situation can’t change. I’m liking that I’m seeing more posts like these.


I once studied Biology and made my diploma in a Mikrobiologistic workgroup. There in the eighties and early nineties we already isolated DNA rings cutted it with endonucleasis inserted a DNA strand with a new gene, cloned it in bacteria and selected the colonies with the new gene on test media. It has taken 30 years until Chrispr technologies has this established for human DNA. DNA sequencing was a big process, today the entire human genome is ready for analyses. And now the techniques develop from day to day.

I think even pharma cartels know this try and error game with testing some structure for some diseases in a blind shotgun research with hundreds of thousands “homicide” victims is over now, after the last 30 years bringing more pain than effort with useless shit like SSRI’S or finasteride.

In 1998 with an internet connection via telephone connection nobody doubt that once TV is possible via high speed internet or with an old bakelit Telefon that I once have video calls.

So the Genedeting, Genome Analysis and Epigenetic reprogramming will go on as fast we never thought.


Agreed. There NEEDS to be a cure within 5 years because this is hell.

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This guy on here saying this???

What the hell is he even talking about???
I’m not trying to be mean but every time I see his posts I have to scroll over because it’s just so frustrating the proclamations he makes for a long time now
I’m sorry but makes me so annoyed

I think he’s saying that’s the general narrative from people; that’s not what he believes. His next comment talks about how we should have hope because of this article.

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There are quite a few non-English speakers on this site trying to convey a meaning that is easily lost in translation. It’s especially difficult when trying to translate between written forms of Eastern and Western languages.

In my experience, it helps to ignore statements that seem to contradict the overall message, but that’s obviously not fail-proof.

I think what @Exsexgod is trying to say is that he doesn’t believe that self-experimentation with things like HCG will lead to a cure in the next few years. Also, he is saying that there is currently scientific investigation into reversing epigenetic alterations that come naturally with aging, and he believes that technology may be applicable to us once a therapeutic target is found.


I’m just gonna say this - mentally, we’re all gonna be so bulletproof when this shit is all said and done.


Agreed. If we survive this long enough to get better, PFS victims will take over the world

Nothing will be able to stop us when we’re free haha

I look forward to engaging in high level trade wars with my PFS brethren one day

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Had to mod some comments here to keep things civil and tidy. As @Dubya_B noted, I think some comments are getting lost in translation.

Point of this thread generally being:

All of which I am inclined to agree with.


Well, the pfs network approach must also change. Instead of scaring on the main page about incurability and the history of suicide, the first visible information should be how a person after stopping finasteride should behave for the first year, i.e. what to avoid etc. I have no doubt that my panic attacks began when I entered this website, which led to my crash and for the first three months after cessation was doing pretty well and just had a lower libido. It’s sad that after all this time there is still no such information on the main page and it would really help people a lot and many people would not have to go through this horror.


I agree with this one. It would be nice to have a greatly visible guide for new patients on how to navigate the crash. It’s a very slippery slope, especially with the fin crash anxiety.

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I completely agree that there’s a great deal of negativity in this community and the stress of reading some of these posts could very well contribute to a crash. I don’t doubt that reading some of the horror stories exacerbated my own symptoms and caused me to feel worse. I think that’s a great idea that there should be a stronger focus on how to manage the first year. Even though this disease is volatile, there are certainly healthy habits you can take on to support your body.

Just to be clear, the PFS Network and PFS Foundation are two separate organizations. I only say that because the PFS Foundation does state the number suicides worldwide on their website as soon as you access it. The PFS Network does not. While the PFS Network website still discusses the devasting effects of the drug, I personally believe it has more positive tone as it emphasizes the research the Network is doing to find a treatment/cure.

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The problem with this is the variability of the disease. We can’t just make sweeping statements about what each patient should do, because what helps someone might make someone substantially worse.

^ I disagree. There are some very important sweeping statements that do apply to (virtually all) people who have either just crashed from fin for the first time, or have experienced mild sides (but not a crash) when using fin for the first time including:

  • taking fin or another 5ari again will cause severe worsening
  • taking pharmaceutical drugs can cause severe worsening, best to avoid all of them to be safe (main ones being SSRI’s, SNRI’s, antipsychotics, accutane)
  • taking certain supplements can cause severe worsening, best to avoid all of them to be safe
  • time and rest are the only key ingredients for a recovery, and you should give yourself 3 months
  • de-stressing tactics and avoiding reading the horror stories on this forum are key for your mental well-being when getting through your crash

Sticky something like this to the front page in a way that it is super visible. It would make all the difference for someone traversing the slippery slopes of their first finasteride crash. Otherwise, one has to wade through stacks of threads in order to possibly get the info they need. Make a heading called “Stickied Threads” which lies above “Community Projects” heading on the page layout. If this was the case, I can say for sure that it would have saved me.

What you’re asking for is readily available on the main navigation bar on this forum, under “Get Started” > “FAQs”. It’s there for all users to see when they first login.

We also link to this on the subreddit where many new patients end up. It’s also one of the first resources patients and families can find on our website. It covers the need to avoid anti-androgenic substances, including SSRIs and SNRIs.

We are unfortunately limited in how information can be presented on the forum due to the software we use. There simply isn’t a way to sticky an FAQs thread to the front page, other than the way we already have. We do our best to present the best possible information to patients both new and old - I’m sorry if it’s not always perfect. We do try.