Enlarged / Painful Prostate

Do a lot of you guys notice increased pressure / discomfort in the perineum when aroused?

I have low T, and I’ve been struggling with this for several months now, and the feeling of fullness / pain coming from my (presumably) prostate is really frustrating.

Tell your doctor, if you haven’t already.

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This article has suggestions for enlarged prostate treatment. Tadalafil is mentioned. Something to keep in mind if you talk to a dr about potential treatments. Unless it’s prostatitis or pelvic floor issue which I think I have. Of course have the dr confirm the actual diagnosis first.

P.S. The author says he rarely prescribes finasteride and notes its potential to cause sexual side effects.

Have you experienced any brief acute ‘shooting’ pain happening somewhere in that region? Or only discomfort?

Been suffering from chronic bacterial prostatitis since my crash in 2010.

Been taking loads of antibiotics. Nothing works.

I would recommend prostate massage with a “wand”. It’s kind of humiliating to tell others. But this is the other thing that has helped me relieve symptoms. A true life saver.