energy improvements with testogel......

been on testogel for nearly 3 months,one sachet per day and have regained my energy,ive had pfs for just over a decade and my testosterone levels have been getting lower each year,ive just tried to live with it really over the years,but last year things got really bad,my arms and legs became like lead,i really was unbelievably fatigued most of the time and knew I had to do something,so off to the urologist who did some tests and I was well under the bottom of the range for testosterone,its been a bit of a rollercoaster on the gel,i felt it straight away,energy returned with a vengeance,the first 6 weeks or so I was getting so much hyper energy I had to go jogging sometimes to get it under control,im pleased to say its stabilised now,its been a life saver to be honest,i tried this once before in the past but had to stop after a few days because of the hyper energy etc,this time round I have been fine on it…

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Are you using the testigel on its own ?

aye mate,just the one 50mg sachet per day on its own,its been a life saver…

TRT only seems to help PFS guys in the short term.

well last year there were times when I was bedridden for days,weak as a kitten with with no energy atall,since starting the gel I haven’t felt tired apart from one week when my energy waned a bit but then came back even stronger,definitely worth a try imo for anyone suffering really bad tiredness etc,which is most of us I would imagine…

@robbo, is the testogel still helping? Can you tell us more about it?

i m also on the verge of trying testosterone gel for lets say 6 weeks. i tried only 1 day and it increased my energy, gave back some looks and girls somwhow feel more attracted to me. also i feel like it improved some chronic resperatory feeling of illness/infection.
but im not sure if its a wise try, considering the mechanism of PFS. i mean if the AR is really silenced somehow, a sudden increase in androgens wouldnt it make things even worse?

I am still amazed at how some people have good results with testogel while others crash on it. What I find especially surprising in this case is that robbo is not a mild PFS case, and he crashed on Progesterone previously and apparently also had problems with testogel in 2015:

Something must have been different this time.

Your case is quite interesting, I hope your improvements will stay. Can you please participate in our survey?

hello mate, ive never been on here for ages, I kept on taking the testogel for a few more months, I was getting too hyper on it etc and my hair started to come out again, I tried lowering the dose etc, it made me feel crazy so quit taking it, im not taking anything at the moment and feel ok as far as energy goes…

This is something i’m quite really evaluating,my fatigue after one year of pssd is just unbearable… worse than low libido and anhedonia,walking or very mild activities sometimes get me feel really better even mentally.
So i wonder if i can benefit from trt but otherwise i don’t really need to make my disastrous situation even worse from a possible trt crash.

Have you considered neuro feedback and LENS both can be used to treat fatigue amongst other things. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is used to treat fatigue in CFS patients.

hi man, can you go into detail what made you crazy? u got anxiety? or insomnia?
the huge difference between TRT injection and gels is the resulting levels of DHT. by applying the gel on the skin it takes the transdermal way. in the skin though, there is alot of 5aReductase. in abig study they found out that T-Gel doubled total and free T but increased DHT by 3-5 fold (50mg to 100mg/day).
as DHT is very strong on nervous system, maybe we just cant"switch off" any more. my first sympto of PFS was insane insomnia due to DHT rebound.
have u tried TRT injections? i think injecting it would result in a more equal hormonal state like with using finasteride e.g. higher T,higher e