EMS - Electronic Muscle Stimulation to increase bloodflow and reduce muscle atrophy

Disclaimer: I have not tried this.

EMS, or electronic muscle stimulation, is the practice of using electricity to train the muscles and nerves. On wiki it states that EMS is used for:

Prevention or retardation of disuse atrophy
Increasing local blood circulation


Many of us are having these problems both with penile tissue and throughout our bodies. Further FDA approved uses are:

Relaxation of muscle spasms
Muscle re-education
Immediate post-surgical stimulation of calf muscles to prevent venous thrombosis
Maintaining or increasing range of motion

Aside from the prescription units which are basically electrodes there is one other approved belt-device in the USA that is advertised to train the entire core (and possibly all the way to the prostate/penis) called slendertone. Google it.

EMS may have further non-approved uses/benefits which I’m not prepared to discuss. The approved uses, especially increasing bloodflow and prevention or reversal of muscle atrophy, are why I’m posting this here.

I’ll check it out. Thank you.

Anyone have success with this for muscle stiffness/atrophy?

How are you now, my left arm and left leg muscles are stiff, and my movements are not flexible. Have you recovered? I am afraid that I will have Parkinson.

How are you now, my left arm and left leg muscles are stiff, and my movements are not flexible. Have you recovered? I am afraid that I will have Parkinson.I am 23years old,I’m scared

If you give it a year, I think there’s a good chance that most of your symptoms can go away on its own, so long as you do not aggravate it by taking anything or eating anything in large enough amounts to cause a significant anti-androgenic effect. I’ve learned that from experience. Initially I had stiffness in all my extremities, arms, and legs. It started with this constant tingling in my nerves in my legs and arms. I was dragging when I walked and had trouble even typing or holding onto heavier objects. I lost a lot of strength as well. Things normalized though for the most part. At least that was my experience.

Some parts of my body feel permanently contracted and can’t relax. Sometimes there is pain. One part of my body gets painful when I try to use it, feels like trying to stretch a rubberband that is already stretched. I usually don’t feel this stiffness in the rest of my body unless there’s stress or I’ve eaten or taken something that I shouldn’t have.

It’s not similar to Parkinson’s, but Kennedy’s Disease. It is indeed scary but give it some time. Things do usually get better on their own. One thing you don’t want to do is experiment with things you don’t understand. I took something called an NAD booster that caused something unthinkable, while others benefit from it here. It’s Russian roulette. If you think muscular dystrophy in your limbs is bad, I developed it in the swallowing muscles in my throat. My diet is radically changed and I have to constantly purge food, liquids, saliva out of my trachea by coughing until I almost pass out for hours every day. See, I actually look back on when I complained about my limb stiffness and think life was livable. I actually had it good compared to now lol.

For now just try to take it one day or one month at a time. Some days you’ll feel better, other times you’ll feel like you haven’t improved at all, then one day you may just forget the worst of it, but just remember that from now on you’ll have to vet whatever medication or supplement you want to put in your body.

Also strangely meditation helps with the muscle stiffness, give that a shot.

I am very grateful for your suggestions, but I should not be like this. My tongue muscles are very good, but the right leg and right arm are particularly stiff. I checked Parkinson’s information, usually starting from one limb, so I was very scared, but my neurologist told me that I should be fine and let me observe for half a year