Elon Musk says he has depression

We all know that Elon Musk has some hair transplant and I saw news that he was talking Fin and Propecia to keep his hair… Last week, Don Lemon released the interview he had with Elon and in the interview, Elon says he occasionally have depression symptoms, and I immediately connect it with Propecia that he is taking, he probably doesn’t even know about it.

What do you guys think? He is also taking ketamine to fight his minor depression. The reason why i made that connection is that when I was taking Propecia, I had similar unexplained depression even after stop taking it…

See his comments on depression

That’s interesting. Did Elon actually confirm he takes finasteride? It makes sense since he had a transplant but I would be somewhat given the unknowns of this medicine.

He never officially came out saying he is taking Propecia, but it’s one of the highest recommended drugs after a hair transplant. He had a scar in the donor area, so it’s confirmed he had a FUT, but to have the growth he does and was able to keep that much hair, very likely he is on FIN/propedia.

I had a Hair Transplant 3 years ago and not taking Propecia due to side effects, and I am now continuing to losing my hair just at a slower rate.