Ejaculation leads to a short period of relief of symptoms

So I don’t know if anyone else has experienced this but over the past 8-9 months of PAS, I have noticed that the 24 hour period following ejaculation is when I experience a period of relief of my sexual symptoms, to feeling about 80% normal. That goes for libido, erections, and sensation as well as visual lust, etc. Then, at around the 2 day mark, the relief period tapers off and I do not feel the same amount of relief again until ejaculating again. I was wondering if anyone has a similar experience and could possibly try to explain why this happens

this sounds familiar to me

Yeah I had exactly this too. Before my crash. Very strange. It was hard for me to get turned on, to get erection, but once I got turned on, I was my good old me, for half a day…

After my crash not anymore.


This could be becaus a orgasm incrase your prolaktin levels mybe you have to less prolaktin an a orgasm pushes the level to a normal hight .