Ejaculation & brain fog

been off fin for over a year.

I feel good but when i ejaculate then for about 3 days i have very bad brain fog.

day 3 it lifts and i am fine. if i Ejaculate again same thing happens.
I can plan this over and over and over.,

what the hell??

i noticed the same 1 year ago,it 's like if i get more tired and with less energy after ejaculation and than brain fog starts …now i’m better about that,i don’t feel so much brain fog related to ejaculation.

How long were you off of this 1 year ago?

now i’m off from propepecia from 3 years…

I have the same problem. Every time I start to feel good/normal I think I can have sex like before. Then when I ejaculate and I hit a wall and the brainfog/bad feelings come back and lasts for about a week.

It’s POIS (Post-Orgasmic Illness Syndrome) .

if it is,googleing I found it s a dopamine problem… but there are many theories.