ED physiological or psychological?

Hey everyone. I’ve been spamming this forum lately, so excuse me.

I’ve had my possible crash 3 weeks ago (panic attack), and now it’s getting better with the anxiety. However I’m experiencing ED. I can force a wood but not further than that. During the nights, I experience having a wood 2-3 times.

Does this not determine that my ED is caused because of my mental state (anxious/depressed)?

Anyone who had experience this at their early stages?

Having night wood is definitely a green flag that you don’t have physiological ED, but it’s far from the end-all-be-all determinant.

Do you wake up with morning wood or do you wake up soft and only have night wood?

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Thanks for the response.

My morning wood is soft, night wood is strong. But I’ve have to be more observant during my sleeps, only observing through 3 nights till now.