ED on finasteride and after stop


One month after stop finasteride still ED and impotence but I see low erection in night . My progesterone is 200% higher 0.4ng/ml norma is (0.1-0.2 ng/ml). Anyone had the same ?


Yep, just for show of hands. Pretty much the same.


How long u have ED?


Since my crash November time.


How old are U and how long u got finasteride?


I’m 36 now, was 35 when I took fin. Took 1mg/day for 4 days, then 0.5mg/day for three weeks. Was also taking saw palmetto at the time, had been for a few months (literally no idea what it could do ofc.) Got slight ED one night and stopped, fine for a couple of weeks then crash. Usual story it seems.


U said about your progesterone . What high is it ? U talk with a doctors ? Did u have tinnitus ?


March - Progesterone - 0.706 nmol/L ( < 0.474)
July - Progesterone - 0.845 nmol/L ( < 0.474)

Doctors aren’t any use tbh. Got the regular “finasteride doesn’t do this, you have depression, I’m ignoring this evidence that doesn’t fit with this diagnosis” nonsense. Same story as everyone I think. Yes I think I’ve had a little tinnitus but mild. Also might have had it before mildly too, not 100%.

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I test my dht level and I wait for results . U know your dht level after stop finasteride ? I cant make hard erection on last days finasteride and when I stop fnasteride.


Yes, same here and also very common one.

March - DHT - 1.20 nmol/L (0.33-3.01)
July - DHT - 1.79 nmol/L (1.14-4.13)


Your symptoms start when u were on finasteride or sometime later ? Do U make better now ?


I got slight ED one night whilst on finasteride, then thought “ok forget the risks, I’ve heard the horror stories, I’ll quit now” and I stopped. Then fine for a couple of weeks, lots of sex etc, then crashed.

I have HAD sex since the crash but I’m not better, no. Improved slightly maybe, but only slightly.


Did U try use external dht ? to up your dht level ? U get night erections ?


Yes, but the DHT didn’t really solve anything. I didn’t get any nocturnals at all at first, now they happen half the time. Also weak morning wood comes back on occasion, couple of times a week.


U have only progesterone high ? What other hormones ? Testosterone , prolactin , koryzol .show me your results


Old tests - Feb/March 19

Albumin - 45.1g/L (35-50) ok ish
SHBG - 62 nmol/L (18.3-54.1) over range
FSH - 3.71 IU/L (1.5-12.4) low ish
LH - 2.45 IU/L (1.7-8.6) low
Oestradiol - 41.2 pmol/L (41-159) very low
Test - 17.1 nmol/L (8.64-29) mid/low ish
Free Test calc 0.229 nmol/L (0.2-0.62) low
FAI 27.58 ratio (24-104) low
Prolactin - 129 mU/L (86-324) low ish
DHEA Sulphate - 6.79 umol/L (2.41-11.6) fine
Progesterone - 0.706 nmol/L ( < 0.474) VERY over range
DHT - 1.20 nmol/L (0.33-3.01) low ish


Test - 20 nmol/L (8.64-29) mid range, got higher
Cortisol - 411 nmol/L (166-507) high ish
Test/Cort ratio 0.05

Albumin - 44.7g/L (35-50) ok ish, got lower
SHBG - 42.5 nmol/L (18.3-54.1) slightly high, but has normalised?? Lol, how?
FSH - 4 IU/L (1.5-12.4) low, got a little higher
LH - 3.7 IU/L (1.7-8.6) low ish, got higher
Oestradiol - <18.4 pmol/L (41-159) HOLY FUCK low, got so low they can’t measure it
Test - 20.3 nmol/L (8.64-29) mid range, got higher
Free Test calc 0.368 nmol/L (0.2-0.62) mid range
FAI 47.76 ratio (24-104) low ish but got much better
Prolactin - 285 mU/L (86-324) high, got higher
DHEA Sulphate - 5.4 umol/L (2.41-11.6) low/mid, got a little lower
Progesterone - 0.845 nmol/L ( < 0.474) VERY VERY over range
DHT - 1.79 nmol/L (1.14-4.13) low ish but higher than previous! Note scale has changed.


Where are u from ?


From the UK.


In UK doctors cant find a cure ? In Poland doctors = fucking shit but in UK I think that are professionalists


No I’m afraid to say no luck; UK doctors just as clueless and useless as anywhere else. If they even did believe PFS was real (though tbf some do) there’s still no certain way to cure this.

Having said that though there’s a few approaches here that have done some good and lots of PFS/PSSD recoveries have happened. I’d bet £100 within the next decade we’ll have something that works at least some percentage of the time.