ED from accutane

Hello everyone, I am 18 years old
I have taken 10MG/Day Isotretinoin from 2020/12
When I ate for a month or two, I found that my erection got worse
But I think it’s because I stayed up all night and worked hard, and then I continued to eat
By the third month, my erection was weak and unpleasant, my glans was numb, and I had no sexual desire.
In the fifth month, I finally decided to stop the drug, this time is 05/2021
I recovered my erectile function at about 2021/09 (can exceed the horizontal line and have enough hardness), and about 60% of libido, the sensitivity of the glans has recovered slightly, but I feel that my brain is not connected with my penis, and I can feel it To the pleasure, but my brain is not excited, everyone thinks how to solve it, thank you!


Hi @cok07310 ! Welcome to the forum! I’m sorry this happened to you. You’ll find others here that are in a similar situation.

Can you create a “member story” so we know what’s happening in more detail? Just go to the “member story” section and click “new topic”.