Eco-doppler scan showing worsening of penile tissues

I had a second eco-doppler scan. The first one was carried out almost 2 years ago and showed venous leak and a few calcifications.
This second eco-doppler this week showed a more pronounced venous leak and a lot of calcifications.

My plan is to start using a vacuum erectile device and arginine (instead of Cialis, because I am fed up with strong drugs). This was suggested by an urologist to rehabilitate the penis.

I would like to ask you guys 2 questions:

  1. Has anyone had a good experience with vacuum erectile devices and/or with arginine?

  2. Also: anyone has any idea of why all this may be happening? It is definitely not Peyronie, because the calcifications (plaques) are not in the tunica, but in the corpora cavernosa. So these calcifications are not the (only) cause of erectile dysfunction, but a result of it. My guess is that Finasteride either produced apoptosis of penile tissues or diminished the ability of the penile tissues to react to my own testosterone. Please let me know if you think of another possibility.

I am not sure about what to do, if I should go on trying new treatments, or just admit I lost this battle, be very sad for a while and then go on with my life.

Very sorry to hear about your situation man. I’ve never had any experience with such a device so I apologise on not being able to offer any help. But I was just wandering if I could ask you what symptoms this issue has manifested in you? Has the shape of your penis been altered and do you suffer from ED?

Thanks @SkinDiesel.

I took Finasteride for only 2 months in 2015 (June-July).
By September that year, I was making love with a woman, she was above me and suddenly I felt my erect penis was losing blood, a very strange sensation. After that, my ED went worse.
Low libido, anxiety and depression followed.
I tried Cialis for 1 year in 2018 and I was able to have erections but with no feeling.
If I stopped Cialis, I was unable to get erect, unable to masturbate.
Later I started to have an hourglass in pre-erect state. Maybe I damaged something during sex.
Now I am on Tribulus cycles, thanks to which I regain libido and I feel much better in general (good sleep). So my problem now is penile tissues.

What about shockwave therapy? There is one guy here claiming an improvement.

I’m glad your situation has improved from its initial state, that’s always a good sign. Fingers crossed you find the right treatment!

Aldo what is your sex life like? could the calcification be the results of masturbating or having sex with a less than full erection?

Maybe, but normally one would expect a larger calcification in the case of having sex without a full erection (larger calcification is very common in Peyronie). But in my case (and I suspect this is the same for other PFS sufferers), those calcifications may be related to hypoxia (lack of oxygen, due to low quality nocturnal erections and total lack of daily erections)

You should consider a VED.

yeah, I am starting next week