Eating tomatoes could improve sperm quality by up to 50 per cent

Tomato has negatively affected alot of PFS sufferers

I used to avoid them but I have reintroduced them now. Do you know who has had a bad reaction?

I also avoided them. Now I reintroduced them. Nothing has changed.

Who? I read tomatoes has some 5ar inhibition properties when googling it. But i don’t think it will still harm you. No one ever crashed with tomatoes in history, you know.

I am sure you could crash on it if you tried. Someone crashed from taking too much lycopene from eating some exotic fruit that has x times more lycopene than tomatoes.

Ok will never eat tomatoes again. No need to take a risk.

Have you ever seen somene cure hair loss with pizza or ketchup?
I’m one of worst case, and I never noticed dofferences between eating and not eating tomatoes.

As that cacao nibs guy, I am just in a unique situation in which I am extra sensitive to antiandrogenic foods, but I have not experienced acute worsening following a meal of spaghetti bolognese or a slice of pizza.

Though whats interesting is even @Greek can be sensitive to foods like mushrooms and he’s never exacerbated things by accidentally taking antiandrogenic supplements like I have.

Whats the most tomato you’ve eaten in a day?

I eat a lot of tomatow sauce. I come live in the South Italy, the land of Pasta and Pizza. We put tomatow sauce everywhere.

Mushrooms are anti androgenic? What?

Yeah, many mushrooms are 5ari. Reishi and Lion’s Mane are strongly 5ari’s. The latter has been reported to mimic mild PSSD symptoms among nootropic users. Oyster mushrooms are near the top while button mushrooms have very little 5ari activity. I think there was an assay chart somewhere from some mycology book that shows cordyceps to actually increase 5ar though.

Just for another show of hands, I’ve reintroduced tomatoes in moderation (never were my favourite fruit anyway tbh) and not noticed any changes.

This followed trying that tomato juice protocol thing, which didn’t do anything tbh.

Hmm, according to this, cordyceps and to a lesser extent shittake mushrooms increase 5ar. Cordyceps also inhibits aromatase. I think this was the chart I was referring to with regards to cordyceps:

Now I’m curious about trying cordyceps again for sleep.

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Good to know. You and Rb26dett have inspired me to eat a lot of spaghetti and pizza while I’m still alive.

I do avoid gluten though, so have some for me.

I had some mini crashes from tomato sauce (400g) after I got PFS and had low T at the same time.

Before PFS I never felt anything from tomato sauce or any food. The oversensivity to 5ARI foods started with PFS.


I eaten pizza yesterday night.
No bad effects.
How many people cured hair loss eating Lasagna, pizza or spaghetti?