Dysarthia (Trouble Projecting Voice)

Hi everyone,

Lately, in addition to my other problems with muscle twitches and involuntary movements, I noticed I have been getting dysarthia, especially in the evening. Like I cannot project my voice. The muscles seem exhausted and cannot project sound. It is exhausting to speak. When I do, it comes out weak and raspy. Anyone else have this? It is scaring me.

Unfortunatley yes. It is also a recent development for me. Thyroid problems

I have noticed an inability to project my voice (I’ve never had so many people tell me to speak up!), raspiness, poor articulation… I hadn’t made a connection to PFS.

BTW, I am also hypothyroid.

Hmmmm. I got thyroid tests and wasn’t diagnosed with that so somehow I doubt it. It comes along with all these other neurological issues so I assumed it was neurological.

Yes, yes, YES. Finally someone who understands this dilemma. I normally just scroll these posts to see what’s going on but this made me create an account so I can comment back. I don’t mean to toot my own horn but was a fairly good vocalist and made a career for myself in musical theatre until I lost my voice to accutane. Two years ago I saw one of the best laryngologists in the Chicagoland area and was diagnosed with left vocal cord paresis and have yet to figure it out. I wholeheartedly believe it is nerve related being that it’s clearly a paresis. My voice cracks like a pubescent boy when I try to project or sing above a certain note. It’s terrible. I have a few experiments in mind (some involving immunosuppressants) to see if I can get the movement back. The funny thing is, when I catch a cold/sore throat and my vocal cords are inflamed I actually have better projection because the muscles are actually touching again but then the paresis kicks back in and I’m back to cracking.

I want my voice back.

Let’s figure this out together.

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Thanks for the response! It’s bad news that you were diagnosed with vocal cord paresis. Did they do any specific tests to determine that? I think if we are going to go the neurological route then an MRI would be useful. I am trying to set up an appointment to get a MRI as well a laryngeal EMG.

I had an endoscopy done and my left vocal cord wasn’t meeting my right to vibrate properly. It was still moving hence the term “paresis” versus paralysis but there was definitely something causing it to not fully operate. I think some form of nerve inflammation or something could be the root cause… Really want to find out more. Just have no idea where to start sometimes but I’m watching my career pass me by and I refuse to let it happen anymore. I miss singing. It was a true blessing to me. Thinking of scheduling an appointment at mayo

Hi @Colinboko ! Welcome to the forum, man. I was wondering if you could create a member story when you have the time? In addition, could you fill the survey out? We’re looking for more survey info from accutane members, so your input would be really valuable to us.

Thank you, and feel free to reach out to anyone on here for advice or just to vent.


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I think your issue might be due to b12 deficiency or “paradoxical b12 deficiency,” since accutane can induce b12 deficiency. b12oils.com has a good protocol for restoring this