Dutasteride Story. On way to recovery?

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I’m writing this in the hope that it will help some of you guys because this bullshit disease has robbed me nearly a full year of my life! Also hoping to gain a bit of information for myself because I’m not fully out the woods yet.

I took 30 caps of 0.05mg Adovart (dutasteride) almost a year ago because I was being a little bitch about my hairline receding. I was so devastated by this I overlooked the horrible side effects that come with this drug. Within nearly 2 weeks my hairline started filling in again and I was happy…for the time being. I noticed I wasn’t getting my usual hard erections around the same time my hair started to come back in. So instantly I just quit taking dutas cold turkey and my hard erections came back within a week or so…HOWEVER my hairline started to disappear again. So guess what I done next? Yup, took the rest of my dutasteride. Unknowingly castrating myself for life. Excellent.

Anyway to cut a long story short after a year of 0 libido, brain fog, weak erections, genital shrinkage, basically no ejaculation and a list of different meds I used with no success. I decided something had to be done. Now I believe I’m on the road to recovery. From something so very simple.

Now I’m no expert on this, just a guy who really wants to use his dick again haha.

Recently I’ve been reading a lot of recovery stories involving fasting and when I started reading about fasting for myself, everything started to make much more sense.

Now for all you fasting experts I know this is probably heavily inaccurate but from my head this is kinda how I understand things,

You know when you get really ill? You don’t want to eat anything? You aren’t even hungry. Food is the last thing on your mind. You just want to get better as soon as possible. This is what your body wants too! By shutting off your digestive system, healing is basically your body’s first priority. To rid of all the bad toxic shit that these shitty drugs have left in your body! I’ve only been fasting on and off for not even a week now but already I feel better than I ever have. Don’t want to jump the gun and say I’ve cracked this shit but this really feels like I’m going in the right direction.

My routine or whatever you want to call it is as follows…

I fasted for a full 24 hours with minimal water, wasn’t too bad. It’s doable.
Next day I didn’t eat until 10pm. Ate lots of different nuts like almonds, cashews, pecans. half a watermelon and 3 boiled eggs.
Next day I fasted 24 hours again with minimal water. Again, sucks, but I just felt better doing it so I stuck with it.
Next day I didnt eat until 10pm again and basically ate the exact same as before.
Which brings me to today, not ate since 10pm last night and don’t plan on eating till around that time tonight. Same food.

Trying to adapt a kinda “raw diet” but struggling so eggs were implemented. Mostly for protein purposes.

At this moment in time. Brain fog has been lifted drastically as well as depression. I actually wanted to go hang with friends and socialise when I got home from work and not sit around feeling like a corpse. I woke up with an 8/10 boner this morning which has to be a good sign? Genitals feel very warm now also. My hair texture even feels kinda different. This might just be me being an optimist though haha.

Anyway this is my progress, I didn’t want to post it in recoveries because I don’t believe I’m fully recovered yet. Only time and consistency will tell. So I’ll keep you updated. Sorry if I sounded slightly retarded when it came to fasting but I just thought I’d share in the hope that somebody can make sense of it. Any questions about stuff or anything I’ve missed then fire away and I’ll answer best I can.


Info :

Age - 22 (21 when I first took dutas)
Weight - 76KG
Height - 5’7

Symptoms included :

No libido
Weak erections
Cold genitals all the time
No ejaculation
Genital shrinkage
Decrease in mood (blunted emotions)
Muscle atrophy
Fat gain (love handle action)
Body hair thinning (including my bitchin beard I just started cultivating)

Meds used :

Clomiphene 50mg for 10 days. (all I could get my hands on)
Tamoxifen Citrate (Novladex) for 20 days then stopped because it wasn’t really doing anything except causing more issues.

Thanks for listening everybody!


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