Dry Skin

What anybody theory on why propecia causes me to suffer with dry skin?

Thank you

That’s one of the million-dollar questions.

I wish I had an answer, because I, too, have been plagued by dry skin.

I call only tell you that I have found two good remedies – which certainly don’t fix the problem 100% but have helped about 60%:

(1) Kukui oil
target.com/p/oils-of-aloha-k … 4AodFB0A4w

(2) Miaderm

Also, if you ever see a dermatologist and he wants to give you a steroid cream, do NOT use it. Over time, steroid creams can cause a thinning of the skin – making the problem worse.

Also helpful are baby oil and pure coco butter.

I use to have extremely dry skin to the point were I couldn’t sweet at all, but now the problem comes and goes.

Thanks guys

I have severe itchy and dry skin. The itching comes out of nowhere, and I have to jump into the bath tub to stop it.

User visionquest99 suggested I take an antihistamine and guess what: no sever itching for a month! Yes, it’s just a band aid as I still have dry skin and mild itching, but it’s WAY better. It’s one less bullshit thing I need to worry about, which is nice. I take one pill a day.

Now I just need to fix the underlying issue.

Thanks visionquest99!

I suffer not just from dry skin, but dry eyes and lack of snot. Maybe unrelated, but there is also usually a lack of pre ejaculate fluid when I masturbate. When I have a temporary recovery, one of the first things I notice when I jerk off is the return of pre ejaculate fluid.

Yes its a common side effect!! Lack of mucus all around specially snot and boogers


How often do you have “temporary recoveries”? Does your dry eye also improve?



How is this solved? I have it so bad I developed a neuropathy. It’s terrible.

How and when do you apply this? What about hair?

Kukui oil is 100% organic and 100% safe, so use is as often as needed. As for Myaderm, I have since found something much better: Monistat Complete Care Chafing Relief Powder Gel. It’s made from dymethicone, which is essentially that same as Silly Putty – which has been around for decades in the hands of kids, so we know it’s safe. It’s made for women’s private parts, but – trust me – works VERY well to cover and protect dry skin, particularly the more delicate skin, such as arms, legs, chest.

Kuluai oil for hair? What about shampoos etc?