Dry eyes/mouth tied to 5AR conversion of DHEA in salivary glands (Sjogren's syndrome)


Came across a study that I found pretty interesting, hopefully it is not already posted on here. When I went to Dr. Jacobs I didn’t tell him about a previous condition I have had in the past, basically because I didn’t think it was relevant, but now I am thinking maybe it is. Back in 2005 when I was in college, I was having a lot of irratation in my eyes, along with staining. I went to an opthamologist who performed a Schirmer test and it turns out that my tear production was very low. He couldn’t understand why because it was very abnormal for someone my age. He ended up putting plugs in my tear ducts and that helped alleviate the problem I was having.

I have recently called his office requesting my medical records be sent becuase I believe he diagnosed me with sjogren’s syndrome. He didnt perform any bloodwork which I know can help diagnose the condition. I attached a study and was wondering if someone on this site who has more extensive medical knowledge can interpret it. During the study they conclude that intracrine metabolism of DHEA seem to be defective in the salivary glands of people with Sjogrens Syndrome. “In healthy glands but not in SS(Sjogrens Syndrome) DHEA is effectively taken up and converted to DHT.”

I have read on this site in a study that antiandrogen therapy is associated with the increase in the signs and symptoms of dry eye. With Sjogren’s I know that the main symptoms are dry eyes and dry mouth. I am wondering if there may be some kind of correlation between the susceptibility of getting PFS, and if you have had Sjogren’s or may have a family member who does. I know that this is a condition that predominantly effects women, but old people can have this problem which was what the opthamologist was telling me.

I am not really sure what to make of this, but if anyone has any thoughts would be glad to hear them.

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Adam, nice find. There have been several reports of dry eyes following cessation of finasteride on this site.

I know since stopping finasteride that I tend to be thirsty/dry mouth.

Wish they had looked at finstateride as well at dutasteride in that study.

If you don’t mind I want to change the title of your post.


IT IS Go Better your dryness ?