Drugs/supplements for hair loss

Hi guys, I suffered from hair loss (telogen effluvium and male pattern baldness) since I was 21. And I suffer from seborroic dermatitis since 16 years old. I was able to keep all my hair using minoxiding up to 2016. In 2017 situation became much worse, and seems I can’t recover using only minoxidil. I do not like myself with my bad reciding hairline, so I have to fix the problem ASAP, with hair trasplant, drugs or both.

Sulution are:

  1. Trying finasteride + hair transplant (if necessary) + minoxidil

  2. Hair trasplant + minoxidil hoping to maintain results in future

  3. Hair trasplant + minoxidil + natural herbal supllements like saw palmetto always hoping to keep my results.

In a forum regarding hair loss they told me Hair trasplant is useless without finasteride. I know this forum is against propecia, but I would like to know everything about this drug if I consider to try it. My dermatologist said (in his patients) side effects are very rare, and he never saw a post finasteride syndrome.

Is possible to make a well hormonal check before taking it in order to know a % risks I can have from it?

I made an hormonal test. I have a very high testosterone my higher result was over 1053 ng/dl it was even out of normal range, other results were in the range 800-1000. My DHT was between the range 584 (300-1200). I have a strong libido, my mood is good, I have good results in sport, so probably due to my hight T.

I have read on the web people with high T may have lower side effects with finasteride, since high T can compensate lack of DHT. It may be true?

Do anyone know about post finasteride syndrome risk %?

I have also heard people who took drug for 10 or 15 years without issue

Why the hell would you come on this forum worried about hairloss, not to be an ass but everyone here is severely fucked with this condition, don’t even consider Fin or saw palmetto

why saw palmetto is so bad? Does it work? a friend of mine is taking it he said (no side effects and no results)

The only drug free option is the hair trasplant

Man, I know how devastating hair loss can be. It consumed my life every day for three years. I literally couldn’t think about anything else. You wanna know what’s worse though? This condition. Every single member on this forum would trade their hair in a heartbeat to get our health back. It’s pointless asking people on this forum if finasteride is safe because you’re going to get the same answer each time. Just don’t do it.

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He commit suicide because of what saw palmetto did to him, I took a topical that also contained Saw palmetto and I’m fucked.

Firstly, as is stated at the top of our forum

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a hair loss forum.

Our members have been injured, some very seriously so, by the use of Finasteride. Have a look around this forum, it won’t take you long to find heart breaking cries of despair at the states that even a single dose of this medication has left them in. Saw Palmetto can be just as dangerous if you have the predisposition to develop this disease. Science cannot yet tell you if you have this predisposition.

There is currently no test that can predict if a user will develop Post Finasteride Syndrome. I had blood tests taken prior to my use of the drug. I used four doses of 0.25 mg and crashed, leaving me with severe and numerous side effects across my brain and body. Those blood tests I did prior to using Fin were of no help.

No evidential basis for this claim whatsoever. Also, side effects while using the medication and PFS can be two separate issues.

I think you’re on the fence about using the drug and want somebody here to make your mind up for you. Let me make it clear for you: DO NOT TAKE THE ENORMOUS RISK TO YOUR HEALTH BY TRYING THIS DRUG. I was on the fence for years, only using minoxidil. I finally let the hair loss forum posters convince me to “just try a little” of the drug and I told myself I’d quit the drug if side effects started to appear. I got (relatively mild) side effects within the first hour of taking a 0.25 mg dose. I only took approximately 1 mg (so, one tablet) of Finasteride before ceasing its use, but it was too late. It’s nearly two years since I crashed and I still have a host of life changing side effects.

As this isn’t a hair loss forum and you aren’t suffering from persistent side effects following the use of anti androgenic substances, this thread will be locked and your account silenced. Please, please do not take the risk of using this drug, which, for many people (if they aren’t predisposed to develop this syndrome/side effects) isn’t even that effective at keeping their hair. Get a hair transplant/hair system/shave it a wait for better, safer treatments. Just don’t use Finasteride/Saw Palmetto.