Drug reverses age-related cognitive decline within days

The drug, called ISRIB, has already been shown in laboratory studies to restore memory function months after traumatic brain injury (TBI), reverse cognitive impairments in Down Syndrome , prevent noise-related hearing loss, fight certain types of prostate cancer , and even enhance cognition in healthy animals.

Drug reverses age-related cognitive decline within days


Very interesting

Sounds promising, although probably far away. Could be the biggest breakthrough in neurological treatment history. I hope this is true and ISRIB finds its way to the market within a few years. That said, it does sound a bit like those overenthusiastic science magazine stories. They would have to do a lot of testing to rule out serious side effects with such a mechanism, especially long term if necessary.

I’m personally convinced that PFS definitely falls within this category of cellular/molecular brain damage/dysregulation. I have definitely experienced cognitive problems and hopefully it can affect libido and sleeping issues as well.

It’s nice to see that a guy at Baylor is involved. Once this ISRIB thing takes flight maybe he and Dr. Mohit Khera are willing to try treatment on a PFS patient.