Dried out feeling in the morning

Every morning I have incredibly dry eyes, dry mouth, and erratic sinuses (e.g. runny nose, sneezing, etc.)

Any recommendations for improving this. It is incredibly impairing to my day.

Yep i have the same my friend…The only thing that makes the dryness better is Testosteron. But that’s a commitment im not willing to take…Yet!

My testosterone is 703 (300-800) and i still have dry skin, dry eyes.

sounds like you have sjorgens syndrome,
make sure you drink enough water. any meds your taking?

I don’t think it’s wise to diagnose people with a condition on a forum man


Are you sure you tested it recently and while you were having the symptoms?
I have seen many with good T at the beginn of their PFS journey, that crashed to very low results after a while. That is mostly accompanied by the fun and mentally destroying testicles shrinkage.

I think your problem is on Estrogen Receptors.

Man i tested it just last friday…

5 months ago my T was 585 and then now just a week ago its 703 and this is my natural T, i have never done any hcg or clomid.

I quit the drug 6 months ago. I have all the symptoms with some very little improvements. I feel no testosterone in my body. And yes i also have shrunked testicles.

My estrogen is also perfect 28.2 (7-40)

I guess my problem is on androgen receptors as well becoz i feel no testosterone.

where do you have dry skin?

Hands, feet, hair, face, eyes. I also get cold hands and feet sometimes in the morning.

Sorry to hear. I had dry hands palms but it seems to improve a bit, and perhaps it was also caused by tonns of alcohol handeash due to covid

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I am 90% sure more of us with normal blood levels have fucked up receptors. If our receptors itself ain’t accepting our testosterone, the how can we even get any benefits of it, just producing hormones ain’t enough. I wish some research on receptors starts as soon as possible, but i dont think it will ever happen.

Yea man thinking the same! Im for example pumpin like hell since 3 months again, couldnt put back on even 2 kg of muscle mass since (went from 80kg muscular body to 68kg skinny)
Feels like despite doin my best like for the past 15 years in gym, it aint worth sh’t, cause tissues cant fuel on testosterone

And for the record and science: i lost those 12kg muscles within 1 month (!!!) right aftter my crash by #merck #propecia

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How do u feel in winter? I can’t tolerate this fucking disease in cold. Feels like my whole body is a wooden plank.

I lost 6-7 kgs in 4 months since quitting this shit even with a normal high calorie diet. My beard and all is fine but i cant put on muscle, cant even feel my muscles. We all went from anabolic sexual beasts to an aids patients, such a cruelty we did to ourselves by not accepting baldness :sweat:

Yea man, I know. I completely share your suffer.

I dont have difficulty with the weather though.

Body and facial hair isnt an issue for me neither anymore ,but the inability to gain muscles will kill me in longterm, cant stand living in such a sick body 4 pills caused me

since when is making an estimated guess a diagnosis?
Im just giving him something to look into, maybe it might be of some help.