Dreams feel more realistic than reality

can anyone else relate to this? in my dreams it actually seems like things are real, like there is emotion connected to things. when i wake up everything feels fake and worthless


I have a distinct personality in my dream, and I can feel liberation.


I had this the other night. The dream felt more emotionally engaging than my waking life.


Same here.

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I have very vivid dreams. They are much better than my waking reality however in most of the dreams I still know I am very sick.


I do experience dreams that seem 100% real, like when they become memories I can’t tell the difference between them and the real ones. But it happens extremely rarely. More often I just can experience only some realistic moments in a dream, like feeling touches, or smells , or wind blowing.

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I can relate, my dreams are often very real situations in my life with people I had or have strong relationships with. They often include bizarre situations which leave an emotional burden on me in real life. It’s like my dreams flow into my reality.


You guys can dream? That’s a great sign. Sleep with dreams is said to be rejuvenating

Hey bro, could you please post a more detailed protocol on all you’ve been doing lately?

I saw a post of yours in the past with topics and lists but seen you’ve change some things in your protocol that’s kinda confusing. I would appreciate it.

No rush anyways, and thanks for getting us updated

Alternate reality.

Yeah. Somewhat, although I’m still rather awake then sleeping. My dreams are while more alive sometimes, also often disturbing. @Daytona can relate to your experience

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Absolutely. When I’m dreaming life feels “normal.” In fact in my dreams I don’t even have PFS. I dream about the things I used to dream about (friends, girls, idk normal stuff lol.)

  1. My Alternativ Reality…

My thoughts in an endless spiral for half a year now. When the urologist gave me the pills just to try although I denied because of sexual activity before. I play a thousand times that I say no you said better not before. I play a thousand times why you didn’t talk about this with my psychiatrist. I deposited potential dangerous pills for the time after relationship. Is that paranoid? I never asked her. I never talked with my fiancee about our future. In my Phantasy I did that in thousand times.

Why I only checked the leaflet, the night wich destroyed my whole live. Why I didn’t check the internet about finasteride, wich was listed as active substance of the generic. Why I took the pill than just to do something good for my prostate. There was no medical need. Why I never took a second doctors appointment. This topics I play every day. And I have thousands of episodes in my brain doing the right thing.

I play a thousand times who could you live know if you never took this drug. I play every alternative of life not going to the fucking doctor. And a thousand times when I check out PFS and pull the fucking pills into the canalisation or Drive with my car in this winter night an throw the shit out of the window on the next Highway crossing. I play that a thousand times in my head.

And than I live the undamaged life and have phantasizes of a good future and great sex phantasies. To live on as a handsome best ager and not as a damaged a pilled wrack.

I only live this alternative live in my Phantasy.

  1. My new reality

I can only live in this forums. It’s so perverted that I only survive, because there so many others who suffer the same shit. I see all the real other men with a cock in their trouthers an I know they can if they want. I see the muscles, and I know the can make a big bicycle or mountain tour.
So I can only survive, when others talk of their muscle atrophy and their weak cocks too. So I m not the only one who just can have a little walk through the bush near by as a 90 year old man.

  1. My real reality

Is down to a basic survive. Bedbound till afternoon. A short try to manage the basic things. That the house doesn’t mess up totally. Than calling a Greek restaurant or pizza service. Looking some videos.

Watching the story of James Cook or Christopher Columbus… stories from sailing to a new world. Escape from the existence. The sailor symbol for the transfer from earth to heaven to a better world.

More and more I live only on my own. Now I loose the connection to my last friends, even to my own child and her friends. I have no chance of a comeback in my old self.

  1. Future

Ending up all, like Albert Camus said
Live a life only to the point you really want to live that life.

Some hope for the younger ones

You’re all so young 18 to 50 yo. Do you have to suffer and wait for therapy. With Mitch and Axo there is a hopefully leadership who do s very great job to give some hope of a gene editing therapy once available. That some basic functions as mitochondrial energy or androgen power comes back to us.

Living a Schopenhauer life, as all living is suffering.

I for my older age ask myself often, I have lived know 3/4 of my life as hedonic eccentric son of middle solvent parents, why should I live the fucking rest as a zombie…

  1. Living without the past

A friend told me to cut off the whole past. Just to live the day of today. Never compare with the life before. It seems to be the only chance.

To survive on a basic level.