Dramatic changes between morning and evening frame of mind


I noticed it many months before. But I was not sure about that before.

If any of you notice a dramatic difference between your morning and evening condition (mental, sexual) please do report it. I feel much better in the evening. I can concentrate better so as the erections, sexual eager is much higher. In the morning and in the mid-day i am numb, disorganised as hell. In the evening all my mental/sexual parameters raises noticably.

If you have similar impressions please do report it here.


i fell much much better in the morning (about sexual sides)


this has a lot to do with cortisol and the levels of it throughout the day that you have etc. the whole feeling like crap at different times throughout the day and feeling better during others basically gives into the point that many doctors with experience with adrenal fatigue do 24 hour saliva or urine tests instead of a baseline 8am cortisol test. the baseline once a day 8am bloos cortisol test is highly inaccurate in how it pertains to the situation and is in effect mostly meaningless to us.


My cortisol is elevated above the range so might be the reason.

Andrenal fatigue is rather a myth. If we talk about a rubbery feeling muscule structure/deca dick(rubbery dick)/brain fog it is because progesteron replace 5AR.

It is a looped mechanism. If you will not fight progesteron that binds to the receptor site you will not allow 5AR to be rebuild in the cell. The only way to rebuild 5AR is to decrease progesteron that acts as natural 5AR inhibitor.It also supresses LH, FSH and oxytycine release.

This is very difficult, because it requires dramatic changes in your life style. Everything that upregulates testosteron/progesteron —>alcohol, cigaretts, caffeine and many other even healthy foods lead to the higher hormonal output. When 5AR is not regenerated it will keep your hormons away from being further catalized.

I think such delicate condition requires 100% attention on what you eat ad what you do. The main goal is to reduce as much progesteron as you can to help your 5AR intracell to be rebuild.
if you want to call it adrenal fatigue, then do it so, but the mechanism is more important


I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again… please provide some studies to back up these claims.

Anyone can say anything on here but without scientific proof these are all opinions.


Mew do you have any studies about a cure or recovery FDA profile??

I wonder if anyone prefer to listen to a dump doctors who does not have any clue what is going on with us, rather then listen anyone who suffer the same thing and try hard to figure out what the problem is all about.

I did many blood tests as you know. More then most of guys here. I found to have elevated progesteron and ALT, AST above the range. My clues are based on my blood tests. I try to connect my sides with my own blood tests and put it in as much medical backround as I can.

If you know any better way to realize what the hell is going wrong with us, let me know, but as far as I am concerned about the problem, I do not know anything better. I find it rather positive that I share it with others.


yes. I have also this felling

In the morning I’m feeling always very tired and it’s very difficult to wake up.
I’m feeling stange, strengthless. I’m also very agressive. It’s very difficult to concentrate. I have the feeling that I’m sick and I have a lot of problem although everything is ok.
My face is very pale and I have dark circles under the eyes

in the evening, everithing is getting better, and I’m like another man.

for instance, It’s like a car. In the morning, the motor is cold and very difficult to launch it. the windscreen is freezed.
but after , it’s ok


hey, dark circles under eyes i experience the same problem in the morning but gets better during the day,

Wonder what hormones are causing this?


Exactly the same question

Maybe the high level of cortisol


I noticed the dark circles or general bagginess under the eyes in my later stages with fin (last few months). They went away not long after discontinuing. I theorized that it was an effect of low testosterone, since T is connected with muscle mass (I was at my lightest, thinnest and most pale overall at this point), but I have nothing to support this.


I was diagnosed w/ adrenal fatigue along with thyroiditis.
My progesterone was BELOW range(along w/test,dhea,cortisol from saliva testing). Progesterone is a precursor to cortisol and if below range would explain adrenal fatigue. After supplementing w/ pregnenolone,cortef,and dhea( doctor’s intructions) progesterone came back into range…


Jesus im month 10 recovery and the big problem im running into is supposed low cortisol in the morning. Im seeing a good doc for that -

There are some days where i don’t seem to wake up and others im fully awake.

I have to shock my body into waking up by doing crazy things like playing music full blast, intentionally pretending to crash my car into the curb while driving or tailgating - that usually wakes me up for a few min. I get this rush i like it.

monday i get my cortisol saliva test results.

What have you done pro!
Maybe i should burn down Merc business buildings that would wake me up eh>?

we shall see.


I have the same problems in the morning - nearly impossible to get out of bed and cant really fuction for about 4/5 hours . The evening is like the opposite then - feel way better

So I’m guessinf its the low cortisol in the morning . Is there a way of raising it ?


I would like to ask the same question i got my cortisol tests back and Cortisol is very very low in the morning,

How do we raise it naturally?>??




After 5pm penis grows full size and mental sides start to lift. I wonder what process in the body happens between 5-6pm. Various hormones kick in around 4am so what happens 14 hours later.