Dr. Shippen on Finasteride recoveries - secondhand info


Besides a quote from Dr. Shippen himself in 2001, I came across the following posts about a guy who has seen him for treating post-Finasteride Side Effects.

Here are his insights: [/i]

Post by Hypo-is-here on gynecomastia forum: “Below is what Eurgene Shippen, one of the worlds leading experts on hypogonadism has to say about propecia and Proscar.”

Finisteride (propecia-Proscar)
From: Eugene Shippen, M. D.
Date: 5/15/01
Time: 3:42:23 PM

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I’m trying to followup with hair mchair to see how he is doing since his last post. Hopefully he can join us and provide an update… even though it doesn’t sound like he was successful with his treatments.


I would like to present this information to my doctor. In order to do that, I would need to know, has Dr.Shippen wrote this by himself somewhere? The source is not so credible if some guys have for example received e-mails from him and then put the text on their own to the forum.

This is all secondhand information, presented by members of other forums (Hypo and hair mchair). Hypo’s post (maybe once he returns he can elaborate on it) is a quote from Dr Shippen himself, likely from an email… where he got it, I don’t know, Hypo will have to explain if this is indeed correct.

Hair mchair is a guy that was seeing Shippen and so he is simply relaying his experience of being treated and what Shippen told him. I have no reason to disbelieve what he is saying, but it is obviously NOT directly from Shippen’s mouth – it is paraphrased by a guy who has been seeing him for treatment. That’s why the title of this post is “second hand information”. :slight_smile:

I really wish that Shippen would actually publish something. That would be easier to take to a doctor than some copy-paste stuff from an internet forum… :confused:

Mew, Dr. Shippen says he needs case studies. This site has many. Hope he visits this site. He will be pleased.

Edit: nevermind! Posted this in another thread.

If Finasteride does switch off a gene in some guys, why wouldnt DHT cream work?

Some guys are born with 5AR deficiency and they are treated with DHT cream. It makes sense in theory.

how can we get in contact with this doctor

Go to propeciahelp.com/doctors

I found the mail on the old UK Andropause (andropause has latterly been replaced by the term androgen deficiency and is becoming defunct as a term) Forum that was for medics only. I copied Dr Shippens words verbatim from his posting to the members of the site.

so i tried to get a hold of dr. shippen and they wont even let me talk to him with out makeing an appointment and i really dont live that close to pennsulvania, is it worth it to see this doctor cause i would fly there if its worth it. I havent really found a doctor yet who listens to me

Even if you did get something that Dr Shippen personally wrote and signed, the Dr you are seeing will just tell you to see Shippen direct. No Dr will take the information of another Dr and treat his/her patient. Any Dr who would is a fool. Why would someone want the risk of malpractice or any other type of lawsuit from treating a patient based on what another Dr out of his/her practice (and stranger for most part) is suggesting.

How many ppl actually refered to Crisler or Shippen in their Dr appt? What was the reaction/response from the Dr? Probably “Who is Shippen/Criser? Never heard of him”.

You may just need to bite the bullet and schedule appts with Shippen and/or Crisler. I’m sure if they got enough of you guys they will be able to do something and find out what the hell is going on with everyone. If anything, they’ll make some noise within the Medical community and maybe Merck will hear of it and start doing their research to dig deeper and find out what the hell is going on.


well i got an appointment with doctor shippen so wish me luck. Its pretty expensive. If anyone is looking to visit be prepared to spend a grand with plane tickets and such. To he is letting me do the blood work in the state i live in so as i dont have to go down there for a month.

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wow…someone correct me if im wrong but this guy may be the 1st regular on this forum to visit Shippen.

when if ur appt? how much is the appt along gonna cost? u said he’ll let u get ur labs done prior to ur appt…what labs is he requesting you to bring? did he mention what the initial appt may entail?

its $550 for the initial apt. and he’s booked a few months out.
When’s your apt. voice? Yes, and what does it entail?

my appointment is on jan. 9th. When i called the secretary she said she wasnt sure if the Dr. was taking new patients. When i said it was for propecia she accepted me immediately her exact words were that is a nasty drug and very difficult to treat. She then told me to write Dr. Shippen a letter about my situation then they are going to send me a Doctors note to get tested at the clinic of my choice. Then i fly down and see him for the treatment. The secretary also told me that she just scheduled an appointment for a guy from irreland that has the same problem with propecia. So they are deffinately taking people from all over and the number of patients is growing. Which means there will be a law suit soon.

To im at the same time trying this nutritionalist in oklahoma his name is Dr. Robbins and hes not your run of the mill nutritionalist that you would find at a gym our spa he has you send your urine in the mail and then he does a urine anlaysis test and tries to help you with your problem through diet exercise and sublements. I had a relative that hand scurvey and he healed her. So will let you know if he can do anything for propecia patients.

I’ve been thinking about our post-finasteride syndrome issue and for some reason, Propecia directly affecting our genes seems to fit the reason why we have not recovered. We may attempt to recover via certain treatments, but the diagnosis of what has been damaged (and how), thus preventing recovery, is essential if there will be a cure.

Obviously, Propecia’s lingering side-effects are not common with every consumer, so its safe to say the long-lasting damage incurred is only evidenced because sufferers are “more sensitive” to the drug’s effects. This can explain the discrepancy between the unaffected and affected that doctors stumble with… well, that and clutching to Merck’s ignorant literature.

We know finasteride is a drug which reduces the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone by “inhibiting” Type II 5AR… but how does it go about suppressing that enzyme? I was never informed of that… in fact, I was told it would return to normal if the dosage were stopped. We are men and eligible for this medication so our very serious side-effects are on Merck’s irresponsible hands. Someone on that side is either lying or committing malpractice, no?

More-so, I am astonished as I learn that finasteride has additional effects besides inhibiting DHT production, as it also imbalances allopregnanolone/progesterone just as equally! For those who do not suffer as we do, does this not occur? I sure don’t recall being explained that finasteride would also imbalance hormones in my body besides DHT (temporarily).

Basically my point is that it needs to be determined what is preventing recovery to understand what separates us from those who recover from finasteride. Could it really be that finasteride damaged us genetically?

That is the million dollar question, one which has been theorized about a lot around here.

If you can find a doctor, endocrinologist, researcher or geneticist to work with you on this, you may be able to find some answers.

I agree this sort of thing has scared the shit out of me, however and I do stress this I don’t feel that the drug or any drug for the most part is able to permanently change our genetic cellular structure and signalling i.e. DNA etc. I just think it’s more of a long term hormonal and neruo-endocrine issue and for whatever reason it doesn’t go back to normal anytime due to certain circumstances. that’s just my opinion of it all. After all hormones play a role in our overall cellular signalling and structure so it’s a main thing. And also remember we have no way of measuring neuroendocrine hormones so we can only theorize.

I also agree with your point, especialy due to the fact that I still have this DHT feeling, but it feels like having less of it… It is like DHT or neurohormons does not feed my brain as they were before.