Dr. David Goldmeier from London - Experimental Treatment

Hi guys,

I have recently been told by Public Health England to contact Dr. Goldmeier regarding help for symptomatic relief from PSSD: https://www.bashh.org/bashh-groups/special-interest-groups/sexual-dysfunction/
He replied to me saying that he may have some treatment that could help and he has seen a number of PSSD sufferers before.

I wanted to ask if anyone here experiencing post drug syndrome has seen this specialist ? You can get referred to see him by your GP.


Please keep us updated if you decide to ser him


I certainly will.


Have you gone and got the referral? Would he only treat SSRI users?

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I will do soon.
He is a consultant in sexual health, therefore I think that he would accept patients with all post drug syndromes.
Best thing to do would be to contact him - when you open the link I posted, you will see his email.

I probably will contact him, though I am not in the UK for the next few months (certainly not till the lockdown is over), however I have an amazing GP (sadly the endo and uro she referred me to have been quite the opposite), who I know would refer me if I ask her to, so I will likely seek a referral when I do get back and look forward to hearing what comes of it for you in the meantime.

There’s a group of MD’s in the USA doing shady practices

So I wouldn’t be surprised

Hardly any concrete research in PSSD and this guy says he can help?

Would like to see some proof or else I’m calling it BS

He looks pretty legit to me, based on the positions he holds


What on earth are you talking about ???
You get a referral for free to a specialist with over 35 years or experience, who signed petition to FDA and EMA about PSSD and who admits the problem and tells all of his patients about the possibility of PSSD:

And who has recently recovered from a severe covid19.

He said, that there may be some experimental treatment with a biopsychosocial approach, not that he has something that he will charge for. This is not how the NHS works in England.

Sounds like he is a qualified MD offering a strictly palliative approach to symptom management and hasn’t made any claims of cures or success of this treatment yet.

Let’s not jump to premature conclusions about his intentions anyone.


I misread the posts above guys please excuse me there


At a quick read it sounded very close to an MD clinic in the USA that does make shady claims indirectly about PFS

Don’t forget that the UK healthcare system is very much different to the US one. Far less room for cowboys to operate.


No worries mate. Make sure that you read my posts properly, before jumping to conclusions too quickly. This doc might be able to improve some sufferers’ lives and write reports to their GPs, where he explains that post drug syndromes are real and make them realize that it is not “just in our head”.

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He actually said that one of his PSSD patients had improvements with bremelanotide: https://f1000.com/prime/734858708

Would be interesting to learn how long the improvement lasted.

It would be though. I had a friend in the PAS community who used it regularly years ago. He described it as more of a longer-lasting, but temporary, PDE5i-like effect, but a little less “mechanical.” He was disappointed that it didn’t restore libido as was expected, but still happy that it worked.

It probably allowed him to feel more excitement, deeper arousal, therefore it looked less mechanical and more romantical. That feeling when you’re 15 and constant boners … would love to go back in time and never take these meds.


Yes but also remember none of the healthy people live their sexuality like as if they were 15… it all goes down naturally as you age.

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True mate. I used to work briefly in a shop with supplements 3 years ago. The owner of it had access to Viagra and he was selling it like crazy on daily basis :smile: So many men in their early 30s were buying it and complaining about their sexual issues.

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Did you contact him yet? I am thinking of pursuing this, can’t be much risk to doing so

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Yes, I did. He sent me a referral form for my GP.