Dr. Berg interesting video

he talks about subclinical hypothyroidism. What is that??
Its a slow thyroid but normal blood levels…

He goes on how missing zinc could cause this…

Who the fuck is to say we are not dealing with something similar but with sex hormones? To make matters worse it may not be that we are simply missing something… we may actually be including these minerals in our diet , but are they being absorped?!

Careful Zinc is a huge 5ARI


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In 2014, I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and took metamazol for nearly three years.

yes but surely you need some zinc? who is to say we are not deficient in zinc? Even if you are eating zinc in your diet… are you absorping it?

Couldn’t you go get a blood test done to prove or disprove it? If your body is absorbing zinc, it will be in your blood and show on a blood test. If no zinc in blood despite adequate intake, that would mean no absorption right?

I’m not an expert, but I don’t think zinc deficiency is the problem here because it would’ve showed on several of our members blood tests already, no? But by all means, go get it tested if you’re really curious. Just be aware zinc supplements are notorious for worsening symptoms around here (search will show a lot of that).

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I have read multiple times that the body does a good job at keep mineral levels in the blood “normal” having “abnormal” blood values of minerals is FATAL.

Im guessing it pulls from the tissues just to make zinc normal in the blood. What about other things like copper toxicity causing low zinc? What about low stomach acid?

Could it be that they get worse from zinc due to Copper dumping?